Are YOU an Millennial Entrepreneur who:

* Doesn’t have enough time to read the books you would like.

* Likes the idea of reading fiction, but can’t justify the commitment.

* Is building an EPIC business, but you’re working far too long and hard.

* Struggles to focus and remain productive, because you have so much to do.

* Wants to not only build a 7-figure business, but have a seven-figure mindset.

IF THIS IS YOU… I’m writing my latest book for you 😉

I cannot share the name of this book with you…

I cannot share a sample of it…


But I can make you a promise…


and the most challenging, exciting and inspiring project I’ve worked on.


Blending fiction and non-fiction, this “parable” follows the journey of a successful millennial entrepreneur as he questions whether the money, fame and power actually means if he’s successful or not.

Featuring REAL entrepreneurs, authors and speakers, this book blends reality and fiction in a way that will make you question how you’re living your life (and building your business).

If you want to learn a little more about WHY I’m so desperate to write this book (and how it’s my best writing to date), watch the video below.

But the point of this page is to invite you… invite you on this journey as I write this book, publish it and spread its message far and wide.

I have nothing to share with you right now, but if you optin below I promise to keep you in the loop (and shower you with awesome gifts) as soon as I have something to send your way 😉

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