Visit The Pyramids

Go to The Superbowl

Kiss Zooey Deschanel on the cheek

Own an Aston Martin DB5

Visit: Baldwins Book Barn (West Chester, Pennsylvania), Shakespeare & Company (Paris, France), Goulds Book (Sydney), West Side Books (Denver), Brazenhead Books (NYC), The Writers Workshoppe (Seattle)

Free Orbit in Space

Interview Alan Sugar, Richard Branson & Malcolm Gladwell

Have a drink with Stephen Chbosky

Work with Apple

Do a solo Everest Skydive

Publish a work of fiction

Appear on the New York Best Sellers List

See the Northern Lights

Build A House In South America

Speak a foreign language fluently

Run a marathon

Climb one of the summits

Drive the great ocean road

Raise $1,000,000 for charity/good cause

Be a good dad

Take the love of my life to Venice (before it sinks)

Visit at least 5 countries in Africa

Play a round of golf at St Andrews

Learn to play the guitar

Busk in the London Underground

Visit the Lost City

Go on a spiritual weekend of meditating

Get arrested for having too much fun

Buy a drink for Ben Gibbard, Chris Martin & Jon Bon Jovi

Speak at SXSW

Have a night of drinking in New Orleans

Party at the Rio Carnival

Step foot on Antatrica

Visit each country in Scandinavia (plus Iceland)

Go to at least 5 Asian Countries

Fly First Class with Virgin

Go to the airport and take the next flight available

Paddle down the Amazon

Visit the Grand Canyon

Drive down route 66

Spend an entire weekend with my nieces and spoil them to death

Open up a Book/Coffee Shop

Make love on a secluded beach

Spend $5,000 in Las Vegas (in one weekend)

Split, and finish, a bottle of single malt whiskey with my first born son

Die on my own terms

Go for a run in Central Park

Swim with Sharks

Write a short story as I watch the sunset in Hawaii

Fly a plane

Do a talk in front of more than 1,000 people

To read the Little Prince to each one of my children on the day they are born

Go skiing

To go an entire weekend without saying a word

Read more than 2,000 books

Listen to every Beetles album on vinyl

Own a suit from Saville Road

To never stop dreaming

Create a marketing related book that’s remembered

Find my true voice, both in Fiction and the more natural, Non-Fiction/Online world

Stay up all night during a Full Moon Party

To go an entire three days without sleep

Experience a natural hallucination

Write a 1st Draft of a novel in one month

Watch the sunrise at Uluru

Buy a random stranger dinner without them knowing

Watch Tottenham in a major final (live)

See a Cincinnati Bengal game

Invest in a Startup I believe in

Live in poverty for a month and truly give back to a community

Do a TED Talk

Do Missionary Work in a developing country

Volunteer in the town/city where I bring up my children

Watch sunrise at the Grand Canyon

Write a book with nothing but a notebook and typewriter

Help more than 1,000 people through the Turndog Foundation

Own an entire wardrobe of handmade clothes/shoes

Take Kid Turndog to Disney Land

Found or Co-Found a Social Enterprise/Charity that genuinely helps a community

Pick Coffee Beans and make my own cup of uber fresh coffee

Experience New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh

Go to World Domination Summit, SXSW, & Misfit Con in the same calendar year

Successfully Crowd Fund a campaign

Go vegetarian for a year

Become a qualified yoga instructor

Watch Kid Turndog in a school play (and be overly enthusiastic)

Discover Financial Freedom

Skinny-Dip in Sweden – in winter

Write For Time Magazine

Drop Kid Turndog off at YMCA Camp Ernst

Not work for an entire week, and not feel guilty about it

Teach The Kid how to ride a bike

Read 250 Books in a single calendar year

Never become a politician

Visit all the places I wrote about in Tick to the Tock (and take a picture holding the book)

Learn how to make a great whiskey cocktail

Learn how to make a wonderful cup of coffee

Spend Oktoberfest in Munich