The Program That Helps Millennial Entrepreneurs Escape the “HUSTLE” in 90 Days (or less)…

The Program That Helps Millennial Entrepreneurs Escape the “HUSTLE” in 90 Days (or less)…

Are you a millennial entrepreneur who’s tired of working 18 hour days, and is starting to think the “hustle” mentality is bullshit?

Are you ready to stop working ‘in’ your business so you can finally start working “on” it (and scale to the next level)?

Are you trying to do everything yourself, and beginning to think that YOU are the bottleneck in your business (and your personal life)?

If so…  let me introduce you to Taylor who no longer feels like this 😉

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I’ve been on this entrepreneurial rollercoaster for a few years now, so I know what it’s like to get caught in the “hustle”.

You have these big plans and love the impact you have on your audience, but before you know it another day is at an end and you haven’t come up for air.

You left your cushy job so you could be free and happy, yet most days it feels like you’re a slave to your business. Freedom is nowhere in sight, and you’re starting to realise how dumb the “hustle” is.

I hear you.

I used to feel like this, but not anymore because I say #FUCKtheHUSTLE each day!

This is your life.

You make the rules.

But you will never feel like this until you take control of your business so it no longer controls you (you need to work “on” it, not ‘in’ it).

And right now you’re stuck in a hamster wheel, going around-and-around.

  • You make more money but you lose more time.
  • You build a team but seem to be busier than ever.
  • You grow and scale your business, but at the expense of your health and family.

You have all these great dreams about what life could be like, but each day you’re distracted and stressed. On the outside you seem successful, but on the inside you feel like a goddamn fraud!

It doesn’t have to be like this.

But it will until YOU do something about it.

What This 90 Day Program Involves

This 90 Day Program is for millennial entrepreneurs who want to start working “on” their business…. NOT ‘in’ it!

It’s for those tired of settling for a 7/10 existence!!

Your life is okay and you certainly aren’t suffering like you did in the early stages of business, but you didn’t get into “this” so you could settle for okay.

Yes, you want money, authority and fame, but not at the expense of your health + family.

You’ve earned your entrepreneurial stripes, and the time has come to #FUCKtheHUSTLE.

Good news.

This program is for you, because although the “hustle” helped you build some initial success, it WILL NOT help you scale to next level where freedom, happiness and true abundance awaits 🙂

In 90 Days we align your Personal + Professional Lives through a combination of Training + Accountability + Mentorship.

You’re placed into a Private Mastermind with five other millennial entrepreneurs, where you work one-on-one with Turndog.

You create TWO 90 Day Goals that will have a huge impact on your life & business, so you can work less and earn more.

You’re then kept accountable each day inside your Private Slack Mastermind Channel, and through a ‘physical’ 90 Day Journal that looks and feels amazeballs.

‘The Successful Mindset Training Vault’ supplements all this, giving you access to 150+ lessons and expert masterclasses designed to optimise your ‘success’ mindset.

Let Me Introduce Myself  …

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Kameron Snow

Kameron Snow

Copywriting Genius

“This group is basically a team for soloprenuers who don’t have a team yet. If you’re sick of going it alone, sign up. Now.”

Rebecca Elvy

Rebecca Elvy

Author + Wordsmith

“The accountability in this program has been great, and the connections I’ve built with other Masterminders is priceless!”

Andrew Halliday

Andrew Halliday

Digital + Web Wizard

“I’ve been so productive in 2018, and my business has been much more profitable since the turn of the year. This group easily pays for itself!”

This 90 Day Program is Perfect For Some People, But Not For Others.

So let’s see if it’s the right fit for you and your growing business…

WHO this is for…


  • Millennial entrepreneurs who want to escape the “hustle” and earn more by working less.


  • Someone who’s committed to growing themselves, as well as their business.


  • Those making between $10,000 — $25,000 per month, but want to double this (in 90 days or less).


  • Folk who are currently living a 7 or 8/10 life, but are ready to step up to 10/10 living 😉

WHO this is NOT for..


  • Someone who enjoys the “hustle” and thinks working 18-hour days makes them successful.


  • Someone who only cares about making money, even if it’s at the expense of their health & family.


  • Someone who has just started out, and isn’t making at least $5,000 per month.


  • Someone who expects a miracle and isn’t willing to apply what they learn or listen to feedback.

HOW this program works…


This starts with YOU creating TWO powerful 90 Day Goals that will impact your business and life in a big way.

But for once these goals WILL NOT come at the expense of your time, health and family instead helping you achieve more with less so you can #FUCKtheHUSTLE once and for all!

You ado this through a combination of Training + Accountability + Mentorship, giving you daily access to your mastermind group via your Private Slack Channel, as well as through The SM Training Vault.

Intimacy is taken to EPIC levels with monthly Mastermind Group Calls and 1-1 coaching calls with Turndog himself. There’s a lot of awesome that goes into all this, but to overview you get:

  • Monthly 1-1 Coaching (with Turndog — the real one, not just come guy)
  • The 90 Day Journal (one you can hold and take pictures of for Instagram)
  • Private Mastermind Group (with 5 like-minded millennial all-stars
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls (life-changing relationships with folk like you)
  • Private Slack Channel (for daily accountability + training + mentorship)
  • Access to The SM Training Vault (150+ lessons and counting)

After 90 Days This is What Your Life (and business) Will Look Like:

  • You've escaped the “hustle”, no longer at the mercy of your email, phone and customers. You have built several positive habits designed to keep you accountable each day, meaning you’re more clear about the journey you’re on then ever before.


  • You've achieved your TWO 90 Day Goals, working less hours each day, but earning more money than ever -- all because you’re hyper-focused on what you need to do each day.


  • You've formed tight friendships with five like-minded millennials who refuse to settle for less. Not only have you learned a great deal from them, but they have introduced you to people and businesses who will help you make a huge return on your initial investment.


  • You've a strategy in place for the rest of the year, and everything you need to make your next 90 days even more impactful.


  • You're still you, but you’re now a less stressed and more focussed version ready to scale your life and business to the next level with a continued effort to #FUCKtheHUSTLE!


🙂 a millennial entrepreneur making (at least) $10k per month…

🙂 someone who wants to escape the “hustle” so you can work less and earn more…

🙂 a forward-thinking millennial who wants to grow YOU as well as your business…