Continue to build your purpose-driven business without feeling like it’s driving you into the ground. 

Take back the time you miss with those you love.

And manage to achieve MORE because you’re no longer under the spell of the hustle and grind game.

All it takes is 15 minutes a day.

Transcend the Status Quo

Awaken. Ascent. Evolve.



Once your eyes are open to the challenges your already successful business and life are filled with, you can begin to move through them.


Work for whole-life balance over the next 90 days as you develop the habits that support your success and your sense of self.


The next level of you demands your focus and commitment to change so that you can evolve from where you are to where you want to be.


Stand on the peak of the summit and see the next ridge to climb because you are of the elite, those that Transcend and go beyond.

The secret is…

[eso reo]


(pronounced esso rio) is an elite growth-minded, soul-centered community designed to help those who dare go beyond, transcend the status quo

  • 90-Day Ascension plan helps you establish your true goals (they’re not always what we believe they are) and determine your action steps for the next 90 days
  • 3 Transformational Goals help you maintain focus, rather than overwhelming you with having try to change everything all at once 
  • The 90-Day Roadmap, your customized roadmap to the top of this mountain, lays out your low-burden tasks so you know exactly what you need to do to reach the summit

F*ck the Hustle…

Success demands more


And you can give MORE when you have MORE to give

Whole-life balance allows you to fill your cup so you are no longer trying to give from the empty one the hustle promotes

Grow your soul-driven business AND be there for those you love because you put the power of the Body+Mind+Spirit Trifecta beneath you

Create enough time in the day to take care of business, yourself, and your relationships in spite of the message that you need to “always be grinding”

“Joining [eso reo] has been one of the best things I have done in my life. It has caused me to think deeply on subjects I wouldn’t have previously thought had anything to do with my business. 

It is amazing to be in a group of like-minded individuals who are all going towards their vision and help you get to yours at the same time. To get into this community is the best investment a person could do because you get not only what you thought you wanted you also get everything you didn’t know you needed.”

– Barbara Shephard

We’re Featured On

The [eso reo] Community

[eso reo] is not online coaching. It’s not a program or course. It’s all of that and it’s more.

 It’s an evolutionary community of students and mentors heart-crafted to help successful entrepreneurs transcend the status quo by taking back control and evolving into greater levels of success driven by balance.


It’s an evolutionary community of students and mentors heart-crafted to help successful entrepreneurs transcend the status quo by taking back control and evolving into greater levels of success driven by balance.


I, myself, will only be one connection away, should you need me to help you work through any aspect of your process. So you are never alone in creating change. 

Guest Experts

Guest Experts also bring their deep industry knowledge to our community to help make our Ascension just a little easier through the tips and tricks they have of areas like: mindset, productivity, goal-setting and more.

15-minutes a Day

All you need is a 15-minute a day commitment to jumpstart your Ascension. Through a dedicated practice, you’ll be able to fill your cup so you can finally have something to give.

Vault Access

Get access to the exclusive [eso reo] Vault that contains volumes and volumes of content that support your growth and change in the areas of mindset, achievement, the Mind+Body+Spirit Trifecta and more.

Graduation to The Transcendants

Once you have achieved your goal of completing your 90-Day Roadmap and evolving into the next level of you, you’ll graduate to become one of The Transcendants.

But your journey is not over. It will never be over. But you’ll be a part of the elite group of entrepreneurs who are unafraid of going beyond so that you can look forward to your next summit to climb.

Who Am I??

Meet Your Founder…Turndog

Those I’ve worked with over the years call me The King of SOPs. I have a way of building simple systems out of complexity. So you can cut through the noise and get more done with your time. When it comes to Escaping The Hustle, this is a useful skillset to have.

But this isn’t how [eso reo] came about…

The seed of this community grew on the back of my latest book ‘Beyond The Pale’: a fable about today’s hustle culture and the journey that unravels once you become woke to the fact. I’ve immersed myself in personal and spiritual growth, studying philosophy, spirituality, psychology and Greek mythology. 

This led me down a rabbit hole of flow, mindset, habit formation, bio-hacking and much more… and let me tell ya, it’s completely changed my life!

My relationship with my family… my relationship with my work and my business… and, most important of all, the relationship I have with myself! I’d love to show you how I did it so you too can Transcend

Want more?

Take a look at the details

This 19-minute video explains the process of AAE and how the [eso reo] program and community work.  (If you’re short on time, watch it at 1.5x speed and cut it down to 12) 

Whatever you do, write down any questions that come up for you and we can jump on a quick call to answer them.

Why [eso reo] is different from anything you’ve seen yet

[eso reo] is a private sanctuary that will never be open to the masses.

That’s the case now, and that will remain the case as we move into the future. Right now we’re watering the seeds so this community can flourish with incredible minds committed to a purposeful mission.

[eso reo] is a culture. 

A culture of Transcendants who know and understand the value of evolution and becoming more than who we believe we have the potential to be.

This whole experience is about going DEEP. You won’t find any life hacks or quick fixes here. This is about diving deep so you can create real transformation.

 If you believe you belong in a space like [eso reo] that is more than a mastermind, more than a course or a program, now is the time to act.

We’re building a Tribe of Founding Members so we drive one another to be the best person we can be, show up to those we care about most each day, and build purpose-driven businesses that have a huge impact on this world — now and in the future.


This offer is NOT open to the public

Become a founding member today and evolve into your next level of success in just 90 days

As a founding member, your investment is locked into the low price of just $97 per month (plus a $300 program fee). Once we fill our founding circle, this investment will significantly increase.

Schedule your exploration call now and let’s find out of you’re a good fit.

100% Privacy. Your information is safe with Turndog and I will never spam you

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that often come up for those thinking about joining [eso reo]

Who is [eso reo] for?

[eso reo] is for the soul-driven entrepreneur who has a purpose and is on the way to achieving or has achieved it but knows there’s more to life than the hustle. They want time for themselves and the relationships they cherish. And they want to stop feeling like they’ve created 6-figure employee positions for themselves, rather than a purpose-driven legacy.

What is the daily time commitment needed?

You’ll need to commit to only 15 minutes a day to help begin building your powerful Mind+Body+Spirit Trifecta of change. This is a low-burden commitment because changes that are made in [eso reo] are designed to be high-impact changes that affect more than one area of your life at a time. 

What is the investment to become a member of [eso reo]?

Right now, you can become a founding member of [eso reo] and lock yourself into the low price of just $97 per month (plus a $300 program fee). Once we fill our founding circle, both the program fee and monthly subscription will increase significantly, meaning now is the perfect time to join if you want to transform your life (and those you serve) forever.

What is the Vault?

The Vault is a library of various content that members and Founding Tribe members have access to to ensure they have the support they need for changes in things like mindset, productivity and achievement. The content is not mandatory, but it’s there, in case you want to sit in on presentations that have been created to help you create change.

What if I find that [eso reo] is not for me?

Hopefully, since we are interviewing each other before you join, you are a “HELL YES” and already know it’s for you. However, sometimes things do happen and they don’t work out. If that’s the case, we cannot offer a money back guarantee as the foundational work will have already been laid down.

Will there be workshops and classes to attend?

Sometimes we may have a workshop or class or a guest expert. Attendance won’t be mandatory and recordings of workshops and classes will be housed in the Vault for later viewing.