A MOVEMENT of entrepreneurs commited to working less, earning more and saying #FucktheHustle.

A COMMUNITY of conscious individuals driven to creating a huge impact internally, and to those they serve. 

A PLATFORM that teaches you how to work “on” your business, so you no longer get stuck inside it. 

A WAY OF LIFE for those who wish to align their Work + Relationships, with their Mind, Body & Soul.


  • Community Driven mentorship, accountability & collaboration (to help build the business + lifestyle you desire, instead of the one you feel pressured to)
  • Expert Guidance from thought-leaders that prove what’s possible (working less, earning more and building businesses that defy the hustle-porn mentality
  • Actionable Exercises & Lessons designed to save you time (as well as gain greater clarity so you can build better products and services for your audience)
  • A Platform to Share your true self with no judgement (fears, ideas, obstacles and whatever else — you no longer have to feel alone and isolted on this entreprenruial rollercoaster)


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As a thank you for joining this Anti-Hustle Movement, I’ll gift you my two most recent books (my novel, I Unlove You, and the business-epic, The Successful Mistake). 

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