Have You Ever Seen a Shoebox Quite Like This?


a rare treat for readers who desire more…


Discover The Letters Behind The Book


If you’re on this page, chances are you’ve read The Letters of Aus & B: a series of letters that takes place between I Unlove You’s two leading characters in the lead up to the main novel.

This Super Limited Edtion Shoebox comes complete with all 30 letters, in handwritten envelopes that literally brings the conversation between Aus & B alive. If you’re the type of reader that expects more from the books you read, and you love the idea of owning a true collectors items (only 30 ever made), then this Limited Edtion Shoebox is the perfect gift for you.

You’re about to own:

  • A Handcrafted & Designed Shoebox
  • Complete With All 30 Letters in Handwritten Envelopes
  • + A Handwritten¬†Note From The Author, Matthew Turner
  • AND a Signed & Personalised Paperback Edition of I Unlove You

Only a handful of these Super Limited Edtion Shoeboxes remain, that not only bring your reading experience alive, but presents you the chance to own a rare collectors item that looks wonderful on your bookshelf.

If you have fond memories of Love-Letter-Writing yourself, this may become one of your prized possessions. 

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