Would You Like To UNLOCK The Secrets of Successful People?


Keep reading to unearth the UNIQUE


formula behind their SUCCESS

Would You Like To UNLOCK The Secrets of Successful People?


Keep reading to unearth the UNIQUE formula behind their SUCCESS



  • Discover the secret to living a highly successful life that you’ve never been taught until now…
  • Rub shoulders with those you admire and learn how to create a rabid fan-base…
  • Make meaningful money so you can live a life of freedom whilst helping those you serve…
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Let me ask you… would you like to:


  • NOT just have money & fame, but to feel happy, free, and truly successful each day?
  • NOT just own your own business, but build a true legacy that changes thousands of lives (yours included)?
  • NOT just settle for what the majority of people do, rather stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those you admire and join an elite group of highly successful people?


If you answer YES to any of these, I assure you this program is for YOU!

The Successful Mindset Program is for those who wish to create real success and lead truly successful lives; NOT simply settle for money and fame.

In other words, it’s for the elite minority who wish to make a real difference and to live the type of life most people only dream about.


So, if you’re a:


  • Business Owner or Entrepreneur who not only wishes to build a business, but a legacy that leaves a lasting impact on this world…  YOU NEED THIS!
  • Creative Go-Getter, Writer or Artist who desires to change the world with your craft, and to do so in a way that lights a fire within you each and every day…  YOU NEED THIS!
  • Online Maverick who dreams of a thriving audience, not just so you can make a truck-load of cash from them, but so you can truly change their lives…  YOU NEED THIS!


THIS IS NOT some 6-week program you’ll purchase and forget about.

In fact, this isn’t a 6-week program at all, because there’s no end date or limit to the value & impact you’ll get from The Successful Mindset Program.

The moment you join this elite community, you’re placed in a limitless experience that not only offers inspirational & actionable lessons (by the bucket load), but connects you with like-minded go-getters with the same drive, motivation, and dedication as you…

… As well as involving you in regular workshops, group calls & one-on-one support designed to help you fulfill your own version of success.

THIS IS NOT a program that offers massive value in the first few months before dwindling away to nothing.

The opposite’s true, for as this community grows and evolves, we’ll continue to give you more because once you sign up, you’re locked into free lifetime updates & improvements

We record everything we do so you have access at ALL times, and as we build on our own success, we’ll give you access so you can copy, paste, and replicate the same success for yourself.

In other words… you haven’t seen a program like this EVER before!


Ready to implement the same Successful Mindset

those you admire have?


This is what you can expect from

this unique experience:

Lifetime Access to The Successful Frontier Mastermind Group (Value: $444 per year)

This is where much of the magic happens, connecting YOU with like-minded go-getters who desire the same from business and life as you do.

Not only do we provide a platform for you to connect, but offer a genuine community for you to collaborate, learn, and grow your business each day.

Key Features:

  • Accountability Partners
  • Monthly Group Calls / Meet-Ups
  • Invite Only Features & Events
  • So Much More…

Access to 12 Exclusive Successful Mindset Authority Masterclasses (Value: $804)

Inspired by the interviews from The Successful Mistake, I’ve revisited 12 of my favourites to go DEEPER so you can learn faster!

These exclusive Masterclasses are for Program Members only, providing unique & expert insight into some of the most important topics you face each day.

Featuring Expert Guests Like:

  • AJ Leon
  • Jenny Blake
  • Dorie Clark
  • Dan Miller
  • + 8 Other Inspiring Workshops For Your Eyes Only!

Entrance to Monthly Invite-Only Trainings Sessions with Special Guests (Value: $684 per year)

Each month I invite a highly successful entrepreneur to join us for an Exclusive Workshop / Training Session.

Not only are you invited to be part of the Live Action, but you get LIFETIME ACCESS to each recording.

Accompanied by Monthly Group Calls & Support Sessions, this program is designed to help you implement what you learn in the program into your business & life.

The Ultimate & Extended Successful Mistake Bundle (Value: $174)

Considering this Program is inspired by The Successful Mistake, each program member gets The Ultimate Successful Mistake Bundle, which includes:


  • 2 Signed Copies of The Successful Mistake (for you & a friend)
  • Limited Edition Successful Mistake Workbook (physical version)
  • The Successful Mistake Audiobook (read by those who feature in the book)
  • Advanced Access to The Successful Mistake Stories (series of books published throughout 2016)

VIP Access to Corporate Worksheets & Training Material (Value: $497)

I work with a select group of businesses to deliver high-value training direct to their workforce, and as a Program Member YOU get lifetime access to this library of content & resources.

Each Program Member gets access to:

  • Worksheets used in Corporate Workshops
  • Training Videos, Material & Slideshows
  • Actionable Tasks & Exercises

** this is an ever-evolving library that increases as I perform more of these corporate gigs — and you get lifetime access to everything **

+ Special Partner Deals & Discounts (Value: $397+)

With 163 Successful Business Owners featured in The Successful Mistake, and amazing partners like Contactually, Typeform, FollowUp & Scrivener…I’m lucky to have access to some of the world’s finest tools, products, services & books.

As a member of this program, you get access to hundreds-of-dollars of savings, plus exclusive discounts & goodies!


Alpha Access into The Successful Mindset Course (Value: $1,197)

Your Program Membership comes with Free Alpha Access to The Successful Mindset Course!

This includes lifetime updates as we create this course, building it around your needs and what YOU get the most value from.

Details about this course remain top secret, but you can expect to receive:


  • 10-12 Week Program Material
  • Video, Written & Visual Tutorials
  • Actionable Worksheets, Workbooks & Accountability
  • Step-by-Step Training into How To Implement A Truly Successful Mindset
  • At Least $5,000 of Real Value (Upwards of $10k)
  • Free Access to a Course That Will Cost $997 (at least) Come Launch

Lifetime Updates To All Program Features (Value: $997)

Although I know what a lot of this program involves (and everything else in the ‘Successful Universe’) there is much that remains a mystery. Because this program is organic and will evolve over time, I strive to add to it, improve it, ensure it remains the best it can be… and by Joining The Successful Mindset Program TODAY, you lock yourself in for all future updates, additions, and much-much more.


“I’m a multitasker to a fault. While I’ve attained some lofty goals, there are others still over the horizon and I’ve been too busy to plan on how to travel to them. Matthew’s program is helping me narrow my focus so I can be more effective in attaining my goals. It helps that he’s an affable guy, very patient, a learning mind.”

Alan Lamberg


“Mathew’s book is written in a simple and easy to follow way that helps us identify and redefine the lives we are leading. It is finally the way we see life and define our own parameters and measures for success. I strongly recommend the Successful Mindset Program which allows us to implement what is in the book, and take everything to the next level.”

Vijay Bharadwaj

“I love Matthew’s practical approach to this work! So far, all of his content has aligned with the lessons I’ve been learning, while giving me some great pointers and ideas to apply. I can’t wait to get stuck into it all a little deeper and gain some more skills to support me on this crazy entrepreneurial journey.”

Kylie Dunn




  • Lifetime Access to The Successful Frontier Mastermind Group (value: $444 per year)
  • Access to 12 Exclusive Successful Mindset Authority Masterclasses (value: $804)
  • Entrance to Monthly Invite-Only Training Sessions with Special Guests (value: $684 per year)
  • 2 Signed Copies of The Successful Mistake (value: $47)
  • Physical Edition of The Successful Mistake Workbook (value: $27)
  • The Successful Mistake Audiobook Read by Select Entrepreneurs Who Feature in the Book (value: $17)
  • Advanced Access to The Successful Mistake Stories Series (value: $83)
  • VIP Access to Corporate Workshop Worksheets & Training Material (value: $497)
  • Special Partner Deals & Discounts (value: $397)


  • Alpha Access into The Successful Mindset Course (worth $1,197)
  • Lifetime Updates to All Program Features (worth $997)








Still have questions? Contact us on +44 07837 995 265 or email mindset@turndog.co




The truth is... in time you will develop a Successful Mindset as you grow your business...


BUT... This Program fast-tracks you to the front of line, offering a unique insight into the world's best minds so you remain ahead of the curve.


You don't simply desire money or fame, nor do you merely wish to own your own business...


You CRAVE real success, and the type of life those you admire are living each day of their lives!!


And THIS PROGRAM gives you all of this & so much more...


I honestly believe you will fall in love with this program — not just the incredible content on offer, but the community that drives everything.

Because of this, I offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Seriously, if you don’t love what we have to offer after the first 30 Days, I’ll refund you your money.

I believe this program will change your life, and if it doesn’t then I don’t want you in it — this is how much I believe in our message and execution!


“Matt has taken the lessons and learnings of the now successful entrepreneurs and created a programme designed around their mistakes, so we don’t have to make them. How he examines, interprets and presents his fascinating body of work into a structured learning programme is where the magic happens.”

Alan Rogers


“Matthew is an awesome man. I learned a lot from him. He made me realize how my mistakes contributed to my success. He always set the bar very high when it comes to producing content and helping others. So when he offered me the opportunity to join his private Successful frontier FB group, I obviously said YES because I know I’ll get ton of value out of it.”

Simon Cave




Are you ready to be part of this & bring

REAL success into your business?



Matthew Turner is an author & storyteller who works with entrepreneurs, founders & creative thinkers build thriving businesses that light a fire within them.

After interviewing 163 authority figures, Matthew’s unearthed how successful people overcome failure and adversity, not only ensuring they don’t end ruin their livelihood but form the basis of their greatest idea yet.

Through his research & findings, he’s ready to share what separates successful business people apart from everyone else, and how you can implement a successful mindset that lets you build a happy, free & successful work / life balance — let alone profit & all the other goodness that comes with success & infamy.



1: I’ve tried other programs and didn’t really get results, so why will this be different?

Unlike other programs, The Successful Mindset doesn’t offer you six weeks of high value before sending you out into the open. This is an ever-evolving program designed to help you develop a successful mindset so you can succeed in both business and in life. This isn’t some program that focusses on a single topic, rather the ‘big picture’ so you can replicate success over-and-over again in all walks of life.

And as this program evolves and grows, you keep getting more value and greater bang for your buck

2: How do I know if I’m ready for this program? I don’t want this to be another thing I start and abandon.

If you’ve being doing this for a while, and although you know you have what it takes, you simply cannot make consistent progress… you’re ready for this program.

If you’re making good money and seem successful on the outside, but you don’t feel like you are on the inside (you feel like there’s more to it than ‘this’)… you’re ready for this program.

If you simply realize this entrepreneurial game is tough, and you’re keen to grow the right way and live a life built on real and meaningful success… you’re ready for this program.

And because this isn’t some six-week program, you needn’t fear about falling behind or giving up. You get lifetime access and become part of a community of like-minded people driven by the same desires as you.

In short, this isn’t the sort of program you abandon; you simply get more value from it as time goes by

3: What does being an Alpha Member of The Successful Mindset Course Involve?

As an Alpha Member of The Successful Mindset Course, I share each module, training session, and resource with you the moment it’s created.

This means you don’t simply take part in the course, rather you’re part of the inner workings of it from the beginning, receiving every new update and addition from here until the end of time.

In other words, I will build this course for YOU and ensure it provides the absolute best value; period!

4: What if I sign up and decide this program isn’t for me?

If you decide this program isn’t for you within the first 30-Days, I’ll personally jump on a call with you to discuss and resolve any issues you may be having. If you’re still not happy after this, I’ll refund your money.

5: What kind of coaching will I get in this program?

Simply put, me and my team are with you each step of the way, so although you’ll devour a lot of the videos, training, workbooks, and other resources online, you have access to me via email 24/7.

As well as this, we perform monthly Masterclasses with some of the most successful people I know, run regular Q&A Sessions, Group Calls, and I also reserve a selection of short one-on-one calls each week you can sign-up to.

As well as this, you’re part of a go-getting community of people just like you (including me and the rest of Team Turndog) who provide continued support and advice.

6: What if I’m not good with technology?

Not to worry! We appreciate everyone isn’t an expert in the online world, so although much of the resources exist via the internet, it’s all laid out in a simple and precise fashion.

In other words, don’t worry… you do not need to be good with technology to get the most out of this program.