a reading experiment to see how far a book can spread

I want to give you my second novel, TICK to the TOCK for free, but I don’t want you to keep it. I invite you to read it, add your name to it, and then send it to a friend. WHY? I believe we find out about the best books through those we know. I read The Great Gatsby after my friend Liz lent me her copy. When I travelled, I found great books after strangers left them in hostels. Maybe you too have sat in a coffee shop and read a random novel on a bookshelf…

After all, you don’t keep library books, do you? You read them and pass them on. Maybe a single book shouldn’t have a single owner. Maybe we should all share the books we love with those we know.

To be honest, I have no idea what will happen during this reading experiment, but over the coming weeks, months, and years, we’ll see how far these books spread, where in the world they go, and the type of messages folk like yourself leave. As an author, I want to share my words with as many people as possible and connect with them (with you) through stories. As such, I’m excited about this experiment, no matter what it brings.

I hope you’re excited too, and to part all you have to do is:


Click Here and ask me to send your FREE paperback copy of Tick to the Tock


Once you receive the book, add your name to the first page & take a picture


Send me a copy of this image – email me at matt@turndog.co


Read the book


Once you finish it, PASS. IT. ON.

It doesn’t matter how you pass it on. You can post it to a far away friend, hand it to your next door neighbour, or give it to a stranger in the street. All I ask is you give them the same five steps I give you here, so this sharing experiment can continue.

I don’t expect you to leave a review for this book. I don’t wish for money. I just hope you read it, take something from it, and pass it on to a fellow reader. That is it. That is all.


Discovering you have an inoperable brain tumour is a shock, but with a ticking clock, I must decide whether to fight or tackle my bucket list one-by-one. My name is Dante King, and I’m an average twenty-two-year-old with dreams and a lifetime to complete them. At least, I did until this morning.

Something strange happens when you’re told you have a few months left to live. I want to defeat this but don’t think I can, and I can’t imagine dying whilst so many wasted wishes remain. But this isn’t only about me, as my parents urge me to stay and fight, and my two best friends argue about what’s best for me. And then there’s Danii, the one who got away. I always figured we’d get a second chance, another opportunity to tell her how much I love her.

Looking back on the times I said no instead of yes, battled Danii’s love, and talked about adventure rather than doing it, I know what I must do. It isn’t to fight, but to travel, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. I’ve never been happy, but I must finally allow myself to be, because Love & Living Begins Now!

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I’m sitting here, at a loss for words really, trying to think of how to even approach describing this book in a few words. These days, there seems to be an abundance of ever growing and popular books, movies, tv shows, what have you about people dying before their time; battling diseases that no human should ever have to go through, especially at such a young age. It’s getting up there with the vampires and supernatural phenomenon that’s going on. As I approached reading this, I thought it was just going to be another depressing tale of a life cut too short as it tries to motivate you to not waste your life away.. etc. Well, that’s what I get for judging. This book, honestly to me, stands out in the massive league of books in its genre. It’s now one of my favorite books. I’m in love with it.



This book is heart wrenching from beginning to end. But it also makes you slow down and sometimes stop to enjoy the things deemed unworthy of your time when you think you have a lifetime left in front of you. Perfectly written, Tick to the Tock will have you grabbing life for all its worth because you never know what tomorrow will bring



This is one book I really struggled to put down – I read over half in 1 sitting & could very well have read it all if I’d have had the time! This was not just due to the storyline – Matthew’s exceptionally beautiful writing had me captured & engrossed.



I think there has always been a question about whether men can write new adult contemporary romance and Matthew Turner answers that question with a loud “Yes, they can”!!



There was no way I could put this book aside. The writing is artistic and the subject is compelling. What would be on your bucket list if given only a few months to live? Would you head off on a trek across the globe only to find that your two best buddies and your ex-girlfriend turn up to accompany you? Finding the beautiful in the cities you always planned to visit, encountering strangers who lead you back to love and friendship, healing your soul as your body deteriorates, and finally giving and receiving the ultimate gift, is a story we all need to read. Get your tissues ready and move this book into your next-to-read pile.

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