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“Too often, stories about entrepreneurship focus on the glamorous upside. Matthew Turner’s book shows what it’s really like in the trenches – the hard things people don’t usually talk about. It’s a valuable reminder that nothing comes easy, but anything is possible with effort.”

Dorie Clark

Author of Stand Out

“Matthew Turner’s The Successful Mistake is proof positive that the very things that trip us up are the same things that help us grow and develop. Bravo to Matthew on this important and inspiring read.”

Debbie Millman

Director of Sterling Brands

“I’ve made many mistakes building my company, most people wouldn’t believe me if I told them. Fortunately, a few of those were successful mistakes. I love that Matthew’s book teaches entrepreneurs how to transform those mistakes into successful ones.”

Guy Vincent

Founder of Publishizer

“The moment I heard about The Successful Mistake, I couldn’t wait to be involved. There are not enough resources that focus on overcoming mistakes and failure, but it’s a huge hurdle all entrepreneurs must tackle in order to be a successful business owner.”

Scott Oldford

Founder of INFINITUS

“Anyone who tries anything often enough will fail. Worse still: the bigger, more important things you try, the more likely they will fail. This leaves you with two options:

(1) stop now because you’ll never win, and your current [job/relationship/situation] isn’t so bad anyway…or

(2) start now, because failure is inevitable, so better get used to it and get good at rebounding.

If you choose option 2, check out Matthew Turner’s book “The Succesful Mistake” – it will help you through the hard times by showing you people who have been in your shoes, have failed often and epically, and yet have succeeded in spite of all the failure, pain, sweat, and tears (in many cases – because of it).”

Tom Morkes

Founder of The Publishing Empire

“Matthew is getting real and raw here in the Successful Mistake and I love hearing from so many Entrepreneurs that made a message and a business out of their messes! I know this book is going to help people in business everywhere.”

Nicole Welch

Host of The Real Time: Real Men Only Podcast

“Successful people don’t make fewer mistakes than you, they make more. Way more. Deep down, most of us know this, but we often need a clear reminder. This book is that reminder.”

Clay Hebert

Founder, Crowdfunding Hacks

“Matthew Turner is one of the most interesting and creative people I know. His curiosity and passion for writing and marketing lead him down a path to projects that spark joy in others.”

Jim Hopkinson

Hopkinson Creative Media

“I would recommend The Successful Mistake because everyone is going to fail, but not everyone realizes that failure is an essential step in the path to success. They’ll mistakenly view any setback as proof that something is impossible, as opposed to seeing it as proof that progress is being made. In that way, The Successful Mistake has the power to ensure people continue pushing forward when things go wrong, giving them the time and opportunity to make them right.”

Jason Gracia

Founder, Authorpreneur U

“If you’re not embarrassed by who you were a year ago, you’re not growing fast enough.”

Francis Pedraza

Founder, Invisible Technologies




Simply write an honest Amazon review & fill in this form.

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“We all make mistakes, and we need to learn how to make Successful Mistakes. It’s great to focus on success stories and overnight sensations, the truth is EVERY entrepreneur makes a lot of mistakes before they create their legacy. The fact Matthew Turner has interviewed so many inspiring people blows me away, and I cannot wait to see this book IGNITE the world!”

John Lee Dumas

Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire

“Because failure is an option and one entrepreneurs should welcome in their pursuit of success”

Stephanie Roper

The Wardrobe Angel

“Everybody makes mistakes. But the best entrepreneurs take these risks and missteps and turn them into gold and a lifestyle that embodies their beliefs. In The Successful Mistake, Mathew Turner shares the stories of successful ‘failures’ that will inspire anyone looking to begin their own business journey.”

Craig Wolfe

CEO of CelebriDucks

“This is a unique angle on business and entrepreneurship. Matthew’s passion to help people is evident in the numerous interviews he conducted and in the writing of this book. An insightful read for the aspiring entrepreneur!”

Nicole Baldinu

$100 MBA and Webinar Ninja

“I would recommend The Successful Mistake as it’s much more productive to learn from other people’s mistakes than to make them yourself!”

Carly Ward

Founder of YES Education

“The Successful Mistake: experience how from the worst of times can create the best of times. Serendipity is a beautiful thing.”

Gary Butterfield

Founder of Juice

“I’d recommend it because it offers great advice. It is a fun & easy read.”

Paige Arnof-Fenn

Founder of Mavens & Moguls




Simply write an honest Amazon review & fill in this form.

Not only will I send you a 15% Discount Code, but add a link to your site on this very page.