A Coming-of-Age Prequel Set The Night Before Beyond Parallel


This is by far the best self-published book I’ve ever read!

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Unbeknown to everyone in this Tiny Thai Restaurant, a small but significant decision is about to me made. A single choice that changes the lives of all four people

In this prequel novella set the night before Beyond Parallel, meet Bella and Clark. Two strangers. Two travellers. One boy, and one girl about to embark on a journey they have no control over. Will they meet, or has fate other plans today?

Tales From a Tiny Thai Table is a New Adult Short Story that flips between Bella and Clark, unearthing their worries, their plans for the future, and their hopes and dreams. Although brief, Tales From a Tiny Thai Table introduces you to Beyond Parallel’s main characters, and sets the scene before tomorrows life altering moment.

Grab yourself some FREE Coming of Age literature, and lose yourself in Bella and Clark’s journey. An adventure that could easily be your own

“I gave this book 5 stars, and let me just say that it deserves it. This is by far the best self-published book I’ve ever read!”

Amanda Liston

Appraising Book Pages Reviewer

You may be wondering why I’m giving you this book for FREE. After all, I spent hundreds of hours working on this novel, and it means a great deal to me. Do I not value it? Do I not think it’s worth a few dollars?

Indeed I do, but beyond this I wish to share my stories with those who wish to read them. If a few dollars is what holds people back, I’d rather smash this barrier down and invite you along for the journey. After all, this isn’t just about Beyond Parallel, rather all the books I’ve written, am writing, and will one day write in the future.

I don’t wish to do this on my own, which is why I invite you along the ride. As such, this isn’t my journey… it’s ours.

This article explains my views on giving away books, and why I’ve made my third novel, I Unlove You forever free. You may like to read it to better understand me and my thinking, but above all I hope you join this journey by clicking that button above and downloading Beyond Parallel.

It’s a book I’m oh so proud of, and one I’m excited to share with you. Will you join me on this adventure of writing & publishing? Are you the type of reader who desires more from the books you read?

Fantastic, welcome to the misfit adventure hundreds of readers like you are already part of.


Hi, I’m Matthew Turner, an English Writer who loves a good story and a rich black coffee (if possible, at the same time).

My genre of choice is New Adult, which focusses on those coming-of-age years when we first venture into the adult world. I personally find this period in life fascinating, and it’s why I write what I write.

Enjoy my world, and be sure to join me on this misfit adventure. To be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing, so here’s hoping you can guide me along.

“This is by far the best self-published/indie book I’ve ever read and deserves to be a bestseller. I could barely put it down and was itching to get back to it every time I was forced to.”

Amanda Liston

Reader Turned Friend (5 Stars)

“Regrets are an integral part of human nature but in ‘Beyond Parallel’ Matthew Turner takes this idea and extends it – allowing his characters to live their ‘if’ and their ‘now’. Matthew Turner leads his reader on an original an unexpected journey, which I loved every minute of, and I would like to thank him for my ARC of ‘Beyond Parallel’ which he offered to me in exchange for an honest review.”

Kirsty Vizard

Another Reader Turned Super Sweet Friend (5 Stars)

“As a keen reader I found this one to stick out from the rest as a very clever and exciting book. Overall the read feels like a treat (and an absolute bargain!) as I was left feeling as though I’d enjoyed more than one book.”

Mysterious Stranger

Cool Amazon Reader (5 Stars)

“Turner weaves these tales in such a way that it truly feels as if the reader is getting a peek into the actual, real people.Their angsts, their triumphs, their anxieties, the ups and down, the struggles, the joys, and their loves can be felt by the reader by the way this talented author spins this tale.”

A Tiffy

A Wonderful Reader with Wonderful Words (5 Stars)

“I’m sitting here, at a loss for words really, trying to think of how to even approach describing this book in a few words.”

Ali Miller

A Sweet Reviewer with Sweet Words to Share (5 Stars)