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I Unlove You is a gritty Coming-of-Age unlove story that follows Ausdylan & Beatrice come to terms with the real world. I’d like to give you this novel for free, but beyond this I’d like to invite you on this adventure of reading & writing.

My name is Ausdylan Elvis Ashford, a twenty-two-year-old who leads a rather perfect life. With a steady job straight out of university, a charismatic best friend I’m in a band with, and a girlfriend I’ve loved since the moment I first gazed upon, I couldn’t ask for more. Until my perfect girlfriend, B, changed both of our lives forever.

It began with the words, “I’m pregnant,” and the realisation I’d soon guide a new life into this world. Embarking on my own journey of self-discovery, I found new meaning in love, living, friendship, and family. This should have become the greatest love story of all, but I assure you it isn’t.

Sometimes true love and unbreakable trust is built upon lies and deceit. Sometimes those you know better than anyone turn out to be strangers you don’t know at all. My name is Aus, and this is my (un)love story.

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What People Are Saying About I Unlove You

"I have to give it 5 beautiful 'I forgive you' stars."


“I really enjoyed this book, I couldn’t put it down until I finally found out what was really happening, all the mystery was driving mad, and when I finally got to the point of finding out everything …I was shocked, really like mouth hanging open  breathing into a bag minor panic attack. So I totally recommend this book, not only does it have a whole lot of drama but it also teaches you on how you could forgive someone who has hurt you or how you could just keep living each day thinking of the hurt that person put you through.”

— — Mimi

"You can love a person but can you ever unlove them?"


“This is a read about a love deeper than most and about two people that not only grew up together but truly did not know each other. The two main characters grow up as sweethearts and share everything they are and everything they want to be when life gets in the way of it all.”

— — April

"Bravo, a wonderful addition to your oeuvre"


“I read the first line and thought, hmmmm, this is something I should keep in mind.  I know that authors struggle and sweat over their first lines, trying to be ultra catchy or fretfully jammed packed with meaning, but I got sucked in by your web of the tale of the childhood sweethearts and the ever-present good buddy, the lily-white innocence of it all. and I forgot about the title. Congrats and many thanks.”

— — Gail

"Impassioned, profound look at friendship & betrayal"


“The fall out of lies and deceit; the powerful emotion of love and the drive to be loved. I UNLOVE YOU is not a story of hearts and flowers, or a happily ever after but a story about the reality of falling in love, and letting go.

— — Sandy, The Reading Cafe

Introducing The Letters of Ausdylan & Beatrice

As well as i Unlove You, I’d like to give you The Complete Letters of Ausdylan & Beatrice Series for free too. Consider this prequel a sneak peek (and deeper insight) into I Unlove You’s main characters. You get to learn more about them, understand their love and where it comes from, and appreciate Aus & B in the weeks leading up to when the novel begins.


The Book Blurb Thingy:

My name is Ausdylan Elvis Ashford, a twenty-two-year-old who leads a rather perfect life. Well, that is until my perfect girlfriend, B, changed both of our lives forever. But before the emotional rollercoaster of I Unlove You, comes a series of letters between B and me.

You see, we’ve always refused to text and send email, instead turning to pen and paper to share our love, our lives, our everyday frustrations and worries about what lies ahead. These letters unearth who we are, and provide a peek into the words we struggle to say out loud.

These letters define our new-adulthood, and our journey into the real world of careers, responsibility, and figuring out who we are and who we’re meant to be. These letters share a happy time before everything unravels and I lose all that’s important to me. My name is Aus, and these are the letters before my (un)love story begins . . .

If you’d like me to send you both the complete Letters of Aus & B Series PLUS I Unlove You in its entire glory, and share exclusive behind-the-scene insights, and include you in this crazy journey of reading and writing… and do everything I can to make sure our relationship together rocks beyond belief… click the big red button below 🙂



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Look What Else People Are Saying About This Book

"I love it. I love your writing style."


“I love the characters, their personalities and the relationship between them. I love the change in mood. I love the descriptiveness.”

— — Mel 

"A story that offers drama & conflict from the first line"


“There is that moment when reading a book when you know it is going to be a good one, one that you can’t put down and you know that this page turning plot will be well written too. This is what’s accomplished in I Unlove You. A story that offers drama and conflict from the very first line and grabs your attention, then it is followed up with rich detailed descriptions like the first bathroom scene. Another great one by Matthew Turner!”

— — Andrea 

"Matthew Turner has done it again!"


“In ‘I Unlove You’ Turner has showcased his extreme talent for the written word, and delivered a stunning story of adulthood, love and the struggle for acceptance.”

— — Sorcha

"I really, really loved this book... and you will too!"


“I was sucked in from the second I started, and that is saying a lot. It is no small task to keep my attention when I’m reading something, and Turndog does it so effortlessly with I Unlove You. The writing is so descriptive yet simple to follow, that I easily imagined what these characters looked like and watched as this fictional story unfolded in my head as if I was a fly on the wall experiencing the whole thing go down.”

— — Nealey

"This is truly one of my favourite books."


“Nothing is as it seems. I finished it in two sittings and I really hated putting it down. You have a gut feeling that something big is going to happen, and you think it has, but you’re wrong. You’re kept guessing until the very end. The anticipation really adds such character to the book. It deals with such important life issues, but the biggest theme in this book is forgiveness. The author seamlessly bounces from past to present, issue to issue, and person to person. It’s difficult to explain, but everything is flawlessly executed and explained in the end. All your questions are answered and honestly by the end, you feel like you’re not so alone in this world after all.This is a perfect read for anyone who has gone through something in their life.”

— — Ali 

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