I offer Consultancy, Speaking & Workshops to thriving Startups, Businesses, and Educational Institutions that wish to educate their team on the power of a “Success Mindset”.

(so you can build a successful culture of success-seeking all-stars)

This is How…


# are you part of a thriving business that’s in high-growth mode, and you’re building an ever-expanding team of talented people that NEED to fit into your existing culture?

# are you an educational institution crafting tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-level executives, and you appreciate it’s not just about unleashing talented students into the workplace, but individuals who know what to do with their talents?

# do you run and manage events, training, and workshops for your all-star team, and you want to ensure they develop a ‘Success Mindset’ (that will not only help them personally, but help your business-growth explode)?

# are you always looking for ways to improve and level-up your success, and believe there are a few hidden strengths hiding within your team (and you need help to unleash it)?

If you can relate to any or all of these, you are in the right place!


I work with a select number of startups, businesses, and educational institutions to unleash the power of a ” success mindset” on their teams, people, and students.

This spans across in-depth consultancy, speaking, training, and workshops. I tailor each event I do around you and your audience, so you may rest in the knowledge that when you work with me you get a unique experience.

However, I do focus on a select number of topics I excel at, which at the moment includes:

  • The Successful Mistake (how to turn failure into success)
  • The Entrepreneurial “Success” Mindset
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Personal Development in The Workplace
  • Employability 2.0 (how today’s student can become tomorrow’s leader)

If you like what you see around here (and enjoy the idea of a charming Yorkshireman hanging out with you and your team), I encourage you to get in touch.

So if you think you would get HUGE value from me and my team, I want to hear from you. Check my availability below, fill in the short form, and I’ll be in touch with you soon so we can arrange an introductory call.

(to see if you’re a good fit for what I have to offer)

People Say The Darndest Things About Me...

I Like to Record Myself on Stage Sometimes...

Pictures Really Worth a Thousand Words...

“Matthew really inspired our new postgraduate students during induction with his talk on ‘Successful Mistakes”, opened their eyes to what entrepreneurship is really all about”.


Head of Student Learning & Experience, Sheffield Hallam University

“Matthew is a natural storyteller. Articulating the journeys, mistakes and learnings of entrepreneurs in a simple way that makes it accessible to all. His passion and enthusiasm to share others’ stories is infectious.”


Founder, Fail Forward

“Working with Matthew on our event was a really positive experience in a number of ways. Firstly he was very professional to work with, giving us lots of information on his talk and it’s content, and discussed how to best to fulfill our requirements with his material, making changes when needed. Secondly his workshop was fun, interactive and informative, keeping the audience engaged throughout with the perfect balance of presentation and practical exercises. This I have rarely seen happen in similar length workshops- the audience did not become bored! Finally, and just as important as the two previous points, Matthew himself was lovely to work with as he was approachable and friendly.”


Founder & Event Organiser, Social Storm & Fail Forward

Watch Matthew in Action

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