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[Guest Post] 6 Mistakes You DO NOT Want To Make During Your First Hire

Validation… isn’t it something we all strive for? In our personal life, we seek validation from those we love. We need a pick-me-up. We need a helping hand and a few kind words. We often — for whatever reason, I do not know — seek validation from others (friends and strangers alike). We try to fit, stand out, and be unique, all in the name of validation.

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[Guest Post] 3 Warning Signs That Your Business is Making You Depressed

I decided to leave my somewhat secure job a few years ago to become an author and entrepreneur because I was fed up. I was fed up of playing by someone else’s rules. I was fed up having to say yes, when all I wanted to say was no. I was fed up of clocking in and clocking out, and repeating this tedious cycle. I was just… fed up.

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This is What We Will Achieve in 2017

2016 was a tough year. Some of this was out of my hands, but much of it was down to me (mine to own). It was also a special year in many ways (as I share at the bottom of this post), but none of this matters because it's past tense. It's part of me. It's part of my...

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