Calling All Entrepreneurs: Are You a Fox or a Worm?




Would you rather be a Fox or a Worm? It may seem like the obvious answer is to be a FOX, but as an entrepreneur, business owner, content creator… you should strive to be a WORM!

Strange, I know.

But soon you’ll understand why.

First, we need to better appreciate why you become an entrepreneur in the first place. Your specific reasons will differ from mine and anyone else’s, yet we’re all fueled by similar drivers:

  • To create lasting financial freedom
  • To regain time and freedom (even if it means sacrificing some in the short term)
  • To have an impact on those you love and directly serve.
  • To have an impact on the world at large, and those you serve indirectly.

We want to create something, generate jobs, have the freedom and power to direct our life, and overall make sure we give it our all until we take our last breath.

Again, the specifics differ from person to person.

But we share these common traits, to some degree.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small mom-and-pop shop, an ever-expanding empire, write, like I do, or create different types of content… Entrepreneurship takes on many forms these days, but we’re driven to achieve something greater.

And it’s this reason why you should strive to be a worm, not a fox.

Why a Fox Makes a Poor Entrepreneur (and why a WORM makes for a great one)

Although beautiful, foxes spend most of their lives living on or just beneath the surface. 

They dig their den for their family, but it’s only a few feet underground.

Whereas a worm (at least some of them) go much deeper.

Very deep in fact… 1km+, and that’s just what we know of.

In 2015, 17 different species of worms were found deep underground in a South African gold mine, including flatworms, segmented worms, roundworms, and copepods…

It could be said that a worm goes a mile deep, whereas a fox only scratches the surface.

So although a fox may seem cooler than a worm, when you dig a little deeper you quickly realize that being a worm is a lot more significant.

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The Real Driver of Entrepreneurship: Significance

Distill those drivers behind entrepreneurship and you can clearly see the role significance plays. 

We want to feel significant.

We want to be significant.

We want to focus our energy on something worthwhile and with purpose.

This can take on many forms. It can impact people in different ways.

Yet to be truly significant and to have a lasting impact, you must go a mile deep.

For my latest book, ‘Beyond The Pale’, I spoke with AJ Leon who told me, “I cannot imagine what serving a billion people is like. I cannot see how you could impact them all, deeply. I’d rather go a mile deep with a few than an inch deep with many.”

Depending on your business, maybe you can significantly impact a billion people.

Yet, in general, the greater the quantity the less quality we see.

We’ve all experienced this as we’ve been left on hold, passed from one department to another.

Said massive company once prided itself on its customer service. But it became too big, too fast.

Again, this isn’t true for all businesses or all the people behind these businesses.

But the point here is simple: significance!!

That’s why you started all “this” in the first place, right?

Why you left your job and stable salary.

Why the nagging thought of being your own boss wouldn’t budge…

  • To create lasting financial freedom for you and your family.
  • To regain time and freedom, if not now, then in the future.
  • To have an impact on those you love and those you directly serve.
  • To have an impact on the world and to help leave it in a better place.

The problem is, once you get started down this entrepreneurial road, it’s easy to wander off track. 

All those opportunities.

All those shiny objects.

All those people you could listen to.

All those people you feel compelled to compare yourself to!

You begin with good intentions, yet lose sight of what they are.

You start with significance, but it dilutes drop-by-drop-by-drop.

An Inch or a Mile Deep: The Choice is Yours

We all get to choose what we build. We don’t get to control everything, and many parts of what we build may move to someone else. Yet we always have the choice to take a step back and ask: am I going an inch or a mile deep?

Significance doesn’t live on the surface.

It resides deep underground, with those worms in those mines.

Sure, you can generate wealth for yourself and those around you by scratching the surface.

But to have a lasting impact, change lives, to change the world… for that, you must go deep.

Be a worm, not a fox.

What all this looks like for you will differ from how it looks for me. Significance, mastery, purpose, meaning… they are all very individual and personal. And that’s the point.

To first hone in on what they are; define them.

And to then recommit to them; often and always.

While writing ‘Beyond The Pale’, this remained top of mind as I went on a journey with the lead character, Ferdinand. A man who seemingly had it all and was building the empire he assumed he always wanted.

Yet for some reason, he felt miserable, and he couldn’t understand why…

Well, it was because he had become a fox.

The drivers that initially drove him had become an afterthought.

Although something deep within him couldn’t allow this to happen.

This is why so many entrepreneurs often feel so unhappy, hopeless, unworthy, and, many times, find themselves self-sabotaging their own success, relationships, and anything good in their life.

There’s a nagging something beneath their skin.

It may even feel like a worm is under there…

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How To Go a Mile Deep…

You go a mile deep by doing it.

It may sound simple, but it really isn’t all that complicated.

If you’re scratching the surface and you’re not satisfied with the fact, you need to step back, reflect, and refocus on WHY you’re doing what you are doing in the first place. 

If you’re growing for the right reasons, keep growing. If not, you may need to stop.

Or if not stop, you may need to reconsider some of the finer details.

Until you do, that nagging something beneath the skin won’t rest.

You’re destined for more… That’s what the little voice inside is trying to say.

You want to feel significant.

You want to be significant.

You want to DO something significant.

It’s a choice. You can.

You can dig a little deeper whenever you like.

Serve those you serve better.

Master your craft in ever more impressive ways.

Provide more value, more impact, more opportunity.

Go against the grain, embrace your inner misfit, and re-commit to that purpose that started all “this”.

It’s a choice, and you can choose to change whenever you want.

But so long as you live just breathe the surface (like a fox), you will not make it.

You must break free of your self-made prison and go beyond the pale.

That’s where my latest book got its name.

It’s about going ‘Beyond The Pale’ and diving a mile deep.

It isn’t a book with answers per se, but rather encourages you to ask the right questions.

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Come join us, if you wish…

That choice is yours. As is the one you’re making: fox or worm.

In the coming months, you’ll either go a mile deep or live just beneath the surface. I know which your audience would prefer, but whether you’re ready to commit to that is for you to find out…

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