4 Inspiring Life Lessons from Daniel DiPiazza




This essay forms part of a series I’ve titled: Inspiring Life Lessons.

In it, I document Inspiring Life Lessons I’ve picked up from Inspiring Folk who have Inspired Me.

Today’s essay focuses on the one and only, Daniel DiPiazza

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“I believe in the power of the individual to change his or her life trajectory at will through sheer self-belief.”

This forms part of Daniel DiPiazza’s philosophy.

It’s one that speaks to me. Not in a comforting way, mind you.

Rather, a reminder that I am the basis for all I do.

  • Success
  • Failure
  • Happiness
  • Progress
  • Effort

The person I am today has been formed over three-plus decades of decisions.

These decisions, far too often, fuelled by emotions, feelings and wayward thoughts.

I am who I am because of the person I’ve been.

And if I am to become the person I desire to be… it falls on ME.

This notion of unbridled ownership is what attracted me to Daniel DiPiazza. Sure, he has a way with words. He has a presence on social media and in his videos. He’s a great content creator.

And the proof is in the pudding…

… this is a guy who knows how to do business.

Yet all this pales to the basic philosophy that beams from him like a supernova: You Do You!

It’s what drew me to him and what continues to do so.

I’ve learned a lot from following him in recent years.

Here are four of them…

1: You Create You

“Everything comes from the Source. And you are that Source, creating itself. Your life is a portal and a frequency for God recognizing itself through a rigorous training called everyday life. You create you.”

Wise words from a wiser article he wrote in 2019.

We have no say in when and why we were placed on this planet.

One day we were simply born, thrust into the world.

During those early days, you’re at the mercy of others.

They teach you, whether they’re aware of it or not.

You carry this with you to this day. It continues to impact you; mold you; define you.

Yet, you’re an adult who now has a choice.

I too am an adult. I get to choose who I am.

I create me, from here on in.

Nobody else gets to define me.

If I choose…

This is the point. You get to, indeed, need to claim control over your life. You Create You. You are the source of all you do. You can choose to blame others, cling to the past and dream of tomorrow…

Or you can choose to be present, find flow, be in the moment and place your best foot forward.

Effort over the outcome, as Kamal Ravikant suggests.

Focus on what you control and give it your all.

2: Money Mindset

As this video shows, Daniel is as human as the rest of us.

He too has a past.

Much of it imperfect.

It’s easy to look at those you follow and presume they have something you don’t; were given an insight you never were. The reality is they too faced an uphill battle growing up. Not uphill in the sense of poverty or neglect, but rather the uphill battle of overcoming beliefs that formed when you too young to know better.

Daniel, the serial entrepreneur, grew up assuming he would have to climb “the” ladder.

To make enough money and save as much as he could. 

To be rich… not possible for a guy like him.

Such wealth is reserved for a certain type of person.

That’s not me. ME… yeah, I have to follow the same path as everyone else.

Not true. You Create You, remember!

You get to choose the path you’re on.

Yet this path begins within.

In your mind, hidden beneath those beliefs you believe to be true.

Your relationship with money holds the key to much more than financial freedom.

Money Mindset plays a fundamental role in the life you believe you need to live.

To be a good worker.

To earn a certain amount.

To save and go on an annual holiday…

It’s a choice, yet one most of us don’t believe we have.

Well, as Daniel shows us… we do get to choose. 

It’s there, just waiting for us to grab it.

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3: Welcome To The Matrix (is it time to leave it?)

In this interview with Gerard Adams, Daniel talks about how many of us are still asleep but waking up.

We’re connected, at all times.

24/7, we have access to the world around us.

I get to follow Daniel’s story. Where he is. What he’s doing.

A generation (or two) ago this would seem impossible.

You could see what’s in front of you. That’s it.

No longer the case, my awakening friend.

This has its downside, of course. The overwhelm. The hustle. The relentless comparison to others.

Yet as dark as this “connection” can be, the light that shines through is far-far brighter.

We, as a society (especially the younger generations), are beginning to open our eyes to what might be.

Maybe what we believe to be true is subjective, not objective; fiction we created, not fact.

We’ve been part of a Matrix all along. Not one created by the machines, per se (although, who knows)…

… rather, a Matrix created by people yearning to make sense of their existence.

A byproduct of this is that most people become nothing but consumers. We partake in the message.

Few people take control and commit to creating their own message.

Yet to truly wake up and go beyond the pale requires you to create… something.

To dive within and allow your imagination to roam. To create and invent and manifest.

It awakens something inside you. It helps you think (and see) on a new level.

What was once murky is now clear. New questions. New landscapes. 

New answers await you.

Again, all this is a choice. We get to choose to be consumers or producers.

4: Go Beyond

Daniel found his fame by speaking to twentysomethings as a twentysomething himself.

As we all do, he’s aged. No longer a twentysomething, he’s a thirtysomething with a family. Yet does he cling to the past and the avatar that “made” him? Hell no! He continues to be a work in progress.

Right now is right now.

What comes next… who knows.

We must adapt; be more like water as it flows aside the river’s edge.

As I follow Daniel, I see a man pushing the boundaries and refusing to sit still.

From real-world events that took him across continents to content that adapts as he does…

We all must Go Beyond.

We never get to “figure it out”. Life is merely a series of chapters. When one ends, another begins. 

Until there are no more chapters left… 

But until The End, we owe it to ourselves to push beyond as often as we can.

To enjoy life and what it gives us; to create and recreate who we are as the seasons’ change.

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Inspiring Life Lessons From an Inspiring Guy

Life’s inspiring lessons surround us at all times.

They can come through people like Daniel; the folk you follow online.

They can come from those closer to home; younger and older than yourself.

They come through moments, random moments, brief moments that pass us by…

They are there, waiting for us to take notice.

All we have to do is open our eyes and look around from time-to-time.

These are four lessons I’ve taken from a guy across the pond that I’ve never met.

Part of that global consciousness he talks about.

I look forward to the journey he continues to be on and share. Much awaits, as it does for us all. We get to create what comes next… possibly the most humbling, inviting and terrifying thought of all.

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