"I laughed and cried along the journey"


“I Unlove You, a brand new book by the talented young author Matthew Turner

What a great read, as each character unfolds you get more involved with them, you become their “friends”.  The story is very real and most importantly very human! Makes me want to read more!

Have you ever had a mere moment in your life completely change your reality?  Follow Aus and B through their love story and find how love ends and unloving begins.  I laughed and cried along the journey and was touched by the humanness portrayed in all the characters.

Grab this book and delve into at once, it will make you stop and think about how we are all mere humans and imperfections are real! In the end we can weather even the harshest psychological storms and come out stronger.

I look forward to your next book!”

— — Lisza Shoemakerawesome reader & Merry Misfit

"You can truly love a person but can you ever truly unlove them?"


“I got into this book before it was published because the author put out letters between the two main characters.

This is a read about a love deeper than most and about two people that not only grew up together but truly did not know each other. You can truly love a person but can you ever truly unlove them? The two main characters grow up as sweethearts and share everything they are and everything they want to be when life gets in the way of it all.

This read tells a story about a couple that learn from life the true people they are and find that there are no true happy endings and that even if they fought for it, sometimes its just not meant to be. Good love story, good friendship story, well told in a first person writing that allows you to see into his world and how no matter how much he tries to unlove even time may not truly help him. not all stories have happy ending especially the ones that could be so true”

— — April Reynolds – Lovely individual

"I have to give it 5 beautiful 'I forgive you' stars."


“Maybe forgiveness, allows us to forget, but maybe were not suppose to forget. Maybe were destined to live our lives with certain hauntings, and it isn’t about forgetting or, forgiving, but accepting.

I UNLOVE YOU, is about a couple, and the love that they have for each other . A love that you would believe doesn’t really exist. They , have there ups and downs together , they experience what life really is about. And if it is at all possible to go through what they go through and keep their love alive . oh and also there best buddy is with them on this rollercoaster ride.

Ausdylan Elvis Ashford, Hmmm , my thoughts about him … When I started reading ,about him I felt he was a laid back character that couldn’t live without two things . his coffee and B ( Beatrice) the love of his life since he was about fifteen years old. He also is a dreamer of sorts I love how he contemplates his , surroundings.

“I hope I never become so entwined in this world that I lose the magic of may “

I , also thought he was adorable . I loved the way that he adored B, she was perfection in his eyes , she could do no wrong . also how cute that he wrote her love letters * sighs * soo cute !!! . I really fell for his character, and also felt horribly sad for him at times . but I suppose he dealt with the issues as good as he could .

BEATRICE BUTTERWORTH , ugh I really didn’t like her , she always seemed a bit to perfect and I don’t know just icky to me . I did feel bad for her for a moment ,she did have a tough life . but dude you screwed it up yourself ….okay maybe I am being a bit harsh ,but whatever if you have something good going for you , what do you do you treasure it and I did not get that from her with Aus .

I really enjoyed this book, I couldn’t put it down until I finally found out what was really happening, all the mystery was driving mad , and when I finally got to the point of finding out everything …I was shocked , really like mouth hanging open , breathing into a bag minor panic attack . so I totally recommend this book , not only does it have a whole lot of drama but it also teaches you on how you could forgive someone who has hurt you or how you could just keep living each day thinking of the hurt that person put you through.

I have to give it 5 beautiful I forgive you stars.”

— — Mimi – Epic Reviewer

"I love the characters, their personalities and the relationship between them. "



“Wow, this book is NOT predictable, even if the title does kind of hint at what happens to the relationship between the two main characters, Aus and B. It starts with the wonderful relationship of a young couple in love…..yeah, sweet. But then a bomb shell is dropped which total throws Aus. Although initially he struggles to deal with the implications, he manages to come to terms with and accept, and then really looks forward to the future. But from then on the mood changes and you’ll find yourself turning pages even quicker, as other surprise elements unfold…….

This story is an emotional journey of friendship, love, lies & acceptance. It questions whether we truly know those with which we share our lives, how much of ourselves we are prepared to hide and the reason why, learning to unlove, the pain of letting go and being able to move on.

The prequel, ‘The Letters of Aus and B’ are an absolute delight! The letters allow the reader to connect with the 2 main characters before delving into the main story, without revealing anything of the shock element. I love how this couple reject the convenience of modern technology to nurture their romance in such an ‘old fashioned’ way.

I stumbled across Matthew Turner by chance, as this is not the sort of genre I usually go for, but have found that his stories are an absolute pleasure to read. If you are taking the time to read these reviews then I highly recommend you read this great book. You will not be disappointed :-)”

— — Mel Watson – Superstar & Merry Misfit

"A story that offers drama and conflict from the very first line and grabs your attention"



“There is that moment when reading a book when you know it is going to be a good one, one that you can’t put down and you know that this page turning plot will be well written too. This is what Matthew Turner accomplishes in I Unlove You.

A story that offers drama and conflict from the very first line and grabs your attention, then it is followed up with rich detailed descriptions like the first bathroom scene and this writing is continued throughout the book. It is filled with situations with relationships and the world in which younger adults can relate but at the same time it has its own unique twists and spins instead of falling into the typical plot lines.

I also enjoyed the personal touches the author hid in between the lines, only those that know him personally would pick up on it, but for other readers it is just another well written sentence as they anxiously read from one page to another. Another great one by Matthew Turner!”

— — Andrea Mirlenbrink – Tip-Top Gal & Merry Misfit

"Bravo, a wonderful addition to your oeuvre"



“I read the first line and thought, hmmmm, this is something I should keep in mind.  I know that authors struggle and sweat over their first lines, trying to be ultra catchy or fretfully jammed packed with meaning, but I got sucked in by your web of the tale of the childhood sweethearts and the ever-present good buddy, the lily-white innocence of it all. and I forgot about the title.

There seemed to be way too many utterances of, “I’m ok.  Everything is fine,” but even then I didn’t worry because it was a cute love affair.  It didn’t bother me that he had to take medicines for his anxiety or panic disorder, because we all have a bit of that, don’t we?  I mean, I can remember teachers making me stand up in front of the class and read OUT LOUD, when they knew that I was too nervous to do that.  And when I got shook up they made me do it more often.  Oy.

When she announced she was pregnant, I forgot about the period of abstinence, because, once again you suckered me in.  She knew how to give him what he needed.  I just knew that the barmaid was way too savvy and experienced to give in to the jerk behavior of Mr. Not Joe Cool.  But she did.  When it mattered.

I think the addition of the Good Samaritan on the train was a nice touch.  If we all paid more attention, we might find ourselves encountering these folk, who are placed in our way in times of need.

We all have done things that we hope escaped the attention of the tabloids. Or our parents. Or our loved ones. It’s a coming of age story of people who are broken, isn’t it?Bravo, a wonderful addition to your oeuvre.  (As I would whisper in my husband’s ear, “Gomez, I love it when you speak French.”)Congrats and many thanks.”

— — Gail Ofterdinger-Ledgister – superstar human-being & Merry Misfit

"I UNLOVE YOU is an impassioned and profound look at friendship and betrayal"



“I UNLOVE YOU is a stand alone storyline that focuses on the relationship between three friends: Ausdylan (Aus) Elvis Ashford, Beatrice (B) Butterworth, and Joseph (Joey) Johnson, who for ten or more years had one another’s back, fronts and everything in between.

Told from first person point of view (Aus) using flashbacks, memories and present day I UNLOVE YOU follows the beginning of the end for our trio. Aus has been in love with B for as long as he can remember, and they have been in a sexual relationship for a number of years. But all is about to change when B announces she is pregnant, and life as they know begins to crumble and fall.

I UNLOVE YOU focuses on family, friendship, betrayal and lies. There is nothing more heartbreaking than uncovering the ugly truth; the depth to which someone will hide painful memories, burying the facts behind a fake smile, and a loving hug. The fidelity of a relationship lies not within the boundaries of the heart but lies deep within the soul where betrayal cuts like a knife leaving one’s soul to bleed. Sometimes there is no recovery; no forgiveness; no moving on. The mind is unable to comprehend the depth of dishonesty; the heart is broken, unable to repair; the soul bleeds until it can bleed no more. But sometimes the reality of life is much harder to control when innocence is lost to demons of the past.

The premise is well structured with backstory and history between our leading characters, especially between Aus and B, but also looks at the loving friendship and support between Joey and Aus. Matthew Turner’s characterizations come through first person observations wherein Aus allows the reader into his emotional mindset as it pertains to the different roles and interactions between characters. The storyline conflict is both internal and external for Aus Ashford-life and everything it has to offer pulls the rug out from under our ‘hero’ as he must come to grips with what is and what will never be. Matthew Turner’s use of flashbacks and memories, although a very integral part of the storyline, was a little confusing at times as a number of timelines appeared to overlap (or perhaps were not delineated enough for this reader). The imagery was descriptive; the world building allowed the reader a front row seat into the day to day routines of the storyline narrator. As to the mindset of the leading character, the tone is well established in the prologue as we get a glimpse into the future wherein Aus has fallen into a personal h*ll; and the author uses music and song to create and set the mood.

Matthew Turner’s I UNLOVE YOU is an impassioned and profound look at friendship and betrayal; the emotional fall out of lies and deceit; the powerful emotion of love and the drive to be loved. I UNLOVE YOU is not a story of hearts and flowers, or a happily ever after but a story about the reality of falling in love, and letting go.

"Matthew Turner has done it again."



“Matthew Turner has done it again. In ‘I Unlove You’ Turner has showcased his extreme talent for the written word, and delivered a stunning story of adulthood, love and the struggle for acceptance.

I like my love stories, love them in fact, but there was something so engrossing about Aus and B’s journey that I just couldn’t let their story go, long after turning the last page. I connected with Aus on a very personal level, he’s at that stage in his life where the future is just before him, and one wrong move could change everything. You feel for him yet want to give him a stern talking to about the ways of life, but what makes this story so powerful is that in many cases you are learning about the world and its future from Aus and his actions, even before he knows the consequences of them.

Aus’ story is about love, his journey to finding it for the first time, his awe in its power, his trust in it’s longevity and then his ability to draw away from it, and falling out of it for the very person he had vowed to love forever. It is a strong, emotional tale where Aus is confronted with the reality of life in the fantasy of love.

Alongside Aus is his best friend and together they begin to understand love, life and work together towards acceptance.

5 Stars!

"I really, really loved this book...and you will too!"



“Wow! My heart belonged to Aus and B for every moment that I read through this book and what a journey it was!

I was sucked in from the second I started, and that is saying a lot. It is no small task to keep my attention when I’m reading something, and Turndog does it so effortlessly with I Unlove You. The writing is so descriptive yet simple to follow, that I easily imagined what these characters looked like and watched as this fictional story unfolded in my head as if I was a fly on the wall experiencing the whole thing go down.

And once the shit really hit the fan, I couldn’t stop reading. In fact, I read the last 100 pages in practically one sitting! Again, something I never do. I loved the writing, I loved the message, I loved the characters…so much, that I’m hoping it ends up on the silver screen one day. I really, really loved this book…and you will too!

"This is a perfect read for anyone who has gone through something in their life."


“I Unlove You, like it’s author Matthew Turner, is a true rarity.

It’s a story about love, friendship, family, betrayal, baggage and so much more.
I Unlove You centers around a couple, Ausdylan and Beatrice, and their best friend Joey. Aus is addicted to coffee and his girlfriend. He adores her and she can do no wrong. He has a stable job and a stable life, according to him. He’s a bit quirky and socially awkward, but it’s all okay because he has the girl and his best friend, and it will all be okay in the end.
(It’s really refreshing to read about a main character who doesn’t have it all together. A character who has anxieties and is just as confused as the rest of us are about our lives.)
B is the love of Ausdylan’s life. They’ve been together since they were teenagers and they’re settled into their relationship. Everything is great between them. They have no secrets.
You know the saying too good to be true? …
Joey is their best friend. He’s blunt and super sexual in everything that he does. He’s jaded by his past, has commitment issues, and refuses to grow up.
Whatever judgements you may have going into this, or make during the first couple of chapters, disregard them.
Nothing is as it seems.
This is truly one of my favorite books. I finished it in two sittings and I really hated putting it down. You have a gut feeling that something big is going to happen, and you think it has, but you’re wrong. You’re kept guessing until the very end. The anticipation really adds such character to the book. It deals with such important life issues, but the biggest theme in this book is forgiveness.
The author seamlessly bounces from past to present, issue to issue, and person to person. It’s difficult to explain, but everything is flawlessly executed and explained in the end. All your questions are answered and honestly by the end, you feel like you’re not so alone in this world after all.This is a perfect read for anyone who has gone through something in their life.
— — Ali Miller – Reader & Reviewer
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"I have to say, for a young writer I see him going far"


“Aus Ashford believes his life is perfect and his girl Beatrice, B, is the perfect woman. Joey Johnson his best friend is a bit on the wild side but has been there for Aus since they were young. Aus’s world is shattered by B’s declaration that she is pregnant. He’s only 22, insecure about himself and is no way ready for fatherhood. He gets to the point where he accepts the idea of fatherhood and his world crumbles apart when B leaves him. Joey being the friend that he is has to figure out ‘why’. Aus and B are the perfect pair. Secrets, secrets and more secrets are discovered. This is the story of 3 young people who grew up together. It is an in depth look at relationships, how childhood effects adulthood and the choices life puts before you. Matthew Turner has a wonderful story between the pages of I Unlove You. I felt wrapped up in the trio’s lives to the point of wishing I could help. They are so real. Their problems are real. The choices they are faced with are real. This is the second book I have read by Matthew Turner – the first being Tick to the Tock which I felt was exceptional too. I have to say, for a young writer I see him going far.

— — Diane K – a splendid human being

"Ausdylan lets the reader in from the start, and we are just as helpless as he is throughout."


“I Unlove You is a solid book. There was a definite sense of an impending tipping point, as the title “I Unlove You” suggests. The interesting thing is that you don’t know what that will really look like until it happens. So in the sense that the impending change was predictable, the nature of the change was hidden well until it actually transpired. spoiler alert!~~~!~!~! Yeah, so this book resonated with me pretty well because I am very familiar with that almost blind, effortless confession of everything that Aus has with B. He loves her, so why shouldn’t he tell her everything? What is there to hide? For him, nothing. And although I found her revelations a bit far-fetched, it’s not like that couldn’t happen, and I know that if I were in love with someone, I would almost definitely be blind to things like that, seeing only what I want to see. So the prospect of that happening in my life, while unlikely, is something I will unconsciously, or consciously be more aware of as I age. Overall, I think there was an accurate and wholesome insight into Aus’ mind throughout the book, and his rollercoaster is adequately explained and easy to empathize with. I also thought Joe was a good contrast to Aus, and was happy to witness an opposites-attract friendship with such resilience. As far as the ending goes, wow. It’s almost like the whole book is slowly pulling the rug out from beneath you, and as you gear up for the last pages, you expect the rug to leave cleanly, and you, expectedly, left on the ground. But that is not what happens. It’s almost as if, instead of just pulling the rug, right at the last second, it bursts into flames, leaving you confused, hurt, and bewildered. That being said, I didn’t dislike the ending, per se, it was just a little more suggestive and dark than the rest of the book prepares you for. I suppose that makes for a true twist though! Honestly, I think the title “We Unlove Ourselves” could be a more accurate state of being for Aus, Joe, and B. But who knows!! All in all, I appreciate this book, and enjoyed reading it. I think my age, being in the early 20s, added some necessary relate-ability, but Turner doesn’t make it difficult to connect. Ausdylan lets the reader in from the start, and we are just as helpless as he is throughout. As my star rating suggests, I’d give this about an 78/100!”

— — Nigel Sullivan – a twin and a truly top gent

"When it came, it was a shock as there was no lead up to it..."


“I Unlove you by Turner starts out as a love story and I was waiting for the unloveness. When it came, it was a shock as there was no lead up to it. This couple were madly in love and totally besotted with each other until B is pregnant. Aus has trouble getting his head around this and feels guilty that he’s not more supportive. In the background is Joey who wants Aus to resume his playing in their band. Then B gives Aus some shocking news which Aus has trouble coping with. Will he sort himself out and take up his guitar? How good a mate is Joey? Will B keep the baby?”

— — Michael Mardel – A fellow writer, and true gem of a supporter