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Weeks are full of news… so much news and so much crazy stuff occurring each and every minute. Can we keep up with it all? Hell no! So instead have a look below at this weeks Turndog Tales for the best stories I’ve come across in the last seven days. It’s all about Quality people… screw the quantity!


Apple to Take on Amazon?

A lot of you will be thinking they already did that, after all the ibook and kindle have been vying for % figures for several years now. One thing Amazon have been doing though, and quite well I might add, is giving people the platform to publish their own stuff via the KDP programme. Well the rumours are going round that Apple’s impending event is going to announce a rival package. If true it should make for some rather interesting times ahead.

Could Apple compete in a market already dominated by Amazon? Apple as a general rule don’t fail, at least not for the last 15 years anyway. It gives authors more options, further helps ebooks to grow, but can the market handle so much choice?

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Facebook Timeline Used in Unique Way

I found this article on Twitter and thought it was a great use of the new Facebook Timeline, and the first way a brand has tinkered and come up with something quite creative (Who would have thought it would be the Israeli Government though?).

It basically follows a fake former drug user, during and after, and synchs really well with the features Timeline offer. I only see more brands doing this and it should make for some rather interesting content.

See full article HERE


Personal Branding Is Dead?

Well this article was the one I disagreed with this week and found it all rather short sighted. The author of the article discusses how people shouldn’t use personal branding, as it will turn them into a fake (I may have paraphrased a little)!

I disagree with this because a good personal brand will be based around the true values of an individual, merely allowing them to connect and express themselves in a manner the ‘real’ them may be unable to. He makes it feel like only celebrities can get a way with personal brands, but what about freelancers, writers, designers etc. Are they not able to connect and define their personality in a true and consistent manner?

I agree in the sense that people should approach with caution and not stray away from their values. But a well thought out Brand Identity can do wonders for people of all types. Too short sighted and generalised if you ask me!

Full Article This Way>>>


Guerilla Marketing in 2012, What to Expect?

Back to some happier things, what about these little ideas for 2012? I’m a big fan, especially the augmented reality ideas and the continued growth of the online/offline linking. These are surely areas with growth in their futures and the campaigns created from the big boys should be great, but the possibilities it opens up for the small ones is superb too

I will say one thing though, these seem more experiential than Guerilla, but that’s just being picky

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The Future Has Arrived… and it’s an ipad!

I loved this story when I saw it earlier this week. A person managed to get in to America with his ipad. Yes, screw your passport, who needs it? Simply scan your papers and show the shiny screen to the passport man. Easy peasy and you’re on your way to recover from the jet lag. The future? Hmmmmmmmm

Not too sure it will stick but it opens up the possibilities of what things may be like in 20 years time. There we are, walking around with chips in our head and getting body scans wherever we go. Can’t wait!

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How to Get An Agent

I’ll finish this week with a feel good story about an author I came across on the AW Boards. Ruth, over two posts (leaving you on tender hooks after part 1. Leave it for the book Ruth 🙂 ) tells her story about getting an agent and how it can be quite the ordeal. Without spoiling it for you… it’s a feel good ending.

There are loads of these around the net and they’re usually very good. It’s great to see people getting signed up, because although self publishing is fine, getting signed is quite the special thing.

Part 1

Part 2

That’s all for this week ladies and gentleman, but have a fantastic weekend. I’ll see you next week

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