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It’s once again time for those wonderful news items from the inter-web that I, your gracious host has come across in the last week. It’s been another week of mayhem with apple announcing some rather big news (at least if you’re a student or a writer), and a host of articles of self help awesomness that you may find helpful in your quest to better one’s self. So here we go folks, strap yourself in and get ready to kick the weekend off in style!


Apple V Amazon, its like Godzilla v King Kong!

The rumours have been hitting the rounds for a while now, and Apple confirmed most people’s predictions of closing the gap Amazon has created in the last few years. For those of you who haven’t heard, well, Apple are bringing the textbook to the ipad (which is quite frankly really really cool), and making it easier for authors, professors, and teachers to create books themselves.

This is huge, not only for students, but for self-published authors across the globe. Preparing an E-Book is apparently hard, and it takes quite a bit of ‘fussing’, so you know Apple will do to publishing what they did to making movies, and music, and podcasts. In other words, as easy as custard!

With tablet sales growing to frightening new heights (not just ipads, but Kindle Fire too), the opportunities for people to create interactive books full of pictures and videos and animations is a very real objective.

In other words things have just become interesting!

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How to Build a Blogging Empire?

Jeff Bullas has created a great double part post on how to create a global Blog, and most importantly, how to get people to come to it. These two articles go into a great deal of depth and overall offer everything you need. If you’re just starting a Blog, or simply looking to increase your audience then this is a must.

Have a look and fill your head with tips and hints and all kinds of good stuff.

Part 1

Part 2


Grammar Rules Aren’t Always Applicable…just saying!

I came across this little article on my way to work one morning and had a little chuckle. Liz opens things up with, ‘Occasionally, we grammar enthusiasts need to take a step back and lighten up a little bit and I literally said “Yeah, take that grammar people, who I’m certainly not *cough* jealous of”. Just in case you didn’t know, I’m not the best when it comes to grammar, and I’m certainly trying to improve this through practice and learning and listening to people, well, like Liz.

But at the same time I never want to be a writer who does nothing but live by the rules of the English Language class. I’m glad grammar freaks like Liz (sorry for calling you a freak, Liz, I didn’t mean it, not really) can see the bigger picture sometimes, and that it’s all about excitement and beauty rather than playing by the rules. Who wants to live a life like that anyway? Psshhhh, screw you rules, I consider myself more of a James Dean type anyway!

Article This Way


The Future of E-Books

Jane Friedman is speaking at the Writers Digest Conference in New York this weekend and as such shared some of her research. She gives a great insight into where E-Books are coming from and what the future may hold. The stats are quite crazy in fact and we could be in a position within a few years where much of the big success stories are by self-published, or at very least, E-Book centric authors.

With the Apple announcement this week, 2012 could present a tipping point. That is of course if we haven’t already seen it come and go.

Clicky Clicky


Be a Super Dooper Pro Online

Rachel Rueben this week released a two-part Blog on ‘How to Market Your Book Online Like a Pro’.

I found this two parter a great read and offers some good sites, services, and tips. The web is full of these self help posts, but I really liked this one and as such found a few new ideas spawn from it. It’s worth a read, so take a look and pick up some new ideas too.

Part 1

Part 2


PR v Marketing, the Battle is on!

I think this article should offend me, but I pretty much agree with most of it – kind of, in a halfhearted sort of way.  The author, Jayme, saves herself in the end by saying it’s a generalization, so I like to think I’m part of the minority. The structure of her argument however, is pretty much spot on.

She says Marketing folk can’t write PR, but PR people can write Marketing. PR people are basically looking at the story, whereas marketing people are looking at the sales. I personally feel she’s thinking of those marketing people that are actually sales people. Come on, you know the type, the guys and girls who say they work in marketing, but all they do is sell things over the phone all day.

The fact is its true, a strategic marketer like myself can get caught up in the product, the data, and moving the customer to the next stage of their relationship. She says the best medium is a copywriter, and I certainly agree with this. Horses for courses people, let people do what they’re good at and all will be well.

Here For Fun Times


The “Bloody Hell, Are You Kidding Me’ Article!

There’s always one article that boils my blood a little and this week it comes from the Drum (a great marketing site) and from stats of fellow marketing folk like myself! Apparently 34% of these so-called marketers don’t see the ROI in Social media!

This is so short sighted I bet these people can’t see their own hand when it’s hitting them in the face, and to be honest I’m a little shocked by the whole scenario! Social Media isn’t a fad, and its main purpose isn’t to sell products.

It’s here to help the process along, bring new people to you, create brand attachments, and allow a relationship that WILL lead to sales further down the line. If you don’t believe me look at this Coke video and ask yourself if a company that sponsors Santa would disregard the ROI.

Crazyness I tell thee!

Here it is…

There you go everyone, that’s this weeks news. Before I bid you farewell and wish you a happy weekend, let me also recommend my very first Guest Blog over at Jane Friedman’s Blog, an article on doubting your writing, and the hope of creating a crowd source of tips and self help guidance. Check it out HERE and leave some comments.

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