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Friday means two things. First of all it’s the start of the weekend (especially if you’re in sales and happen to book a ‘meeting’ at around 2pm), and secondly it means the Turndog Tales are here for you to marvel on.

It’s once again time for me to offer you the weeks best news, so please find an array of articles I’ve found interesting this week. Including editing tips, writing challenges, and a few new social networks.


We Need More Social Networks, right?

More Social Networks you say? Hmmm the last thing we need is more Social Networks, surly. Yet Mashable wrote a great article pointing writers of various kinds to a few niche networks around the web.

There are sites for Bloggers, Journalists, Poets, Authors and more, so take a little look and see if a site suits your needs. I personally like the We Like To Write site and joined up yesterday. Is there a new network waiting for you?

Take a Look Now


Editing and Grammar Tips Galore

For any aspiring author out there you’ll know the headache that editing brings. These articles won’t make the editing process unnecessary, but there are some nice tips for honing your craft and edging through at faster than a snails pace.

Lillie Ammann offers some tips on cutting down your lengthy first draft, whereas Molly Greene gives a rather simple and unique way of cutting through the mistakes. Seriously, this is worth reading.

Grammar is also a pain, for me at least anyway. There are so many pitfalls, but Jon Gingerich takes you through 20 serious contenders you can rid yourself of once and for all. To even things up I also have an article from The Grammar Girl who plays down 10 grammar myths.

Writing is great, but you do you know what makes it better? Actually knowing what you’re doing

Lillie Ammann Post

Molly Greene Post

Jon Gingerich Post

The Grammar Girl Post


60,000 words in 29 Days

David Gaughan is one of self-publishing’s success stories and he takes you into his mind and often procrastinating and inefficient style. Growth is important though and David has no intentions to take things for granted.

Hence his challenge for the month of Valentine; to write 60,000 words in 29 days (aka 2,000 words a day). When you break it down like this it doesn’t sound too bad. To be so consistent with it though is another matter, but I wish David all the luck in the world because it would be a fantastic achievement.

I suggest following David’s Blog in general as he offers create content each and every week. Go introduce yourself now, and hell, if you’re feeling brave enough join him in the challenge

Click Here >>>>>>>> Now


David Beckham Signs Book Endorsement Deal!

No not really, that title is rather a long shot I think. Rachel Reeben does present an interesting idea though. For authors to get sponsored for what they do best!

It’s interesting and I’m not sure every writer will go for it. But for self-publishers who want to make a more traditional mark (such as physical book signings) then this could become a viable method.

Sponsorship has been a large part of my life for a few years now (working at a sports club and all) so this idea interests me. Will it become the norm? I’m not sure. Is it worth considering? Certainly!

Clickity Click


E-Books Are The Brass Balls Baby

Everyone knows E-Books and self-publishing is becoming big business. Yet we all have that dream of getting a publishing contract. Why? For vanity reasons? For ease and security? I suppose everyone has their own reason, but Jon Merz paints a rather clear picture of the traditional route.

I plan on submitting my novel to agents, mainly because that’s been my plan all along. Yet when you read this article you begin to wonder if getting signed would be the best foot forward in this day and age.

This backed up by David Kazzie who takes us on his route through self-publishing and his recent ventures into the KDP programme. He tells us how KDP saved hi book, and although it may not be for everyone, this new Amazon service could be a real game changer.

Both articles are great, and if you’re looking to publish in the near future then you should READTHEM. You can thank me later 🙂

Jon Merz Post

David Kazzie


The ‘Bloody Hell, Are You Kidding Me’ Article

Despite being from England I love American Football, and therefore I love the Super Bowl. I love it for Football reasons, of course, but also from a marketing point of view. The commercials in the Super Bowl are always great. It’s like the Oscars of the marketing world.

So why on earth are marketers insisting on releasing these commercials prior to the game?????

I understand the idea of releasing a teaser. Maybe a short burst of info to get people excited. But the whole thing, or worse, an extended version not even shown on game day? Craziness!

It costs millions to appear during the Super Bowl, and the audience is captured and willing on unique content. Why dilute this prior to the game? I’m not a fan of this tactic at all and agree totally with the views of Darren Rovell from CNBC.

What do you think?

Article Time


There you go everyone another week is over and we can venture into the weekend with relaxed shoulders. As well as the stories above I’ve also written some posts this week so you should check them out too. I’ve just ventured into the world of Tactics in the Millionaire Plan, and already looking at Blogging and the design route you should take.

Click Here for part-1 and I plan on releasing part-2 on Sunday. Why take the chance though when you can sigh up for email updates? You can sign up Here if you so desire

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