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Another Friday is upon us and that means I have some Turndog Tales for you all to enjoy. It’s been another week of great news and Blog articles, so sit back and enjoy posts about getting rejected, getting the best out of your Blog, and how to write some kick ass dialogue.


Advanced SEO is Killer

Anyone reading this Blog recently will see a correlation of SEO posts. As such I’ve been reading up on the dreaded subject quite a bit, and found an article this morning I feel goes a little further than your average insight.

Neil Patel offers some advanced considerations, and whilst they may be beyond some, I believe some of the tips are things we can all take on board. There are a few great sites he recommends, plus some more obvious advice such as joining reparable communities and offering advice. I have finished SEO on The Millionaire Plan, but I feel I’ll forever keep a close eye on this subject.

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Can you Take Rejection?

It’s tough isn’t it? Having someone say no and that you’re not good enough. We all have egos and we all want to cry and hide after we get shot down. Sundi Jo discusses her heartache of the dreaded NO, but also how it drove her to new highs.

For any writer reading this the advice offered is stellar. We will all get No’s from time to time; it’s part of the process. So do yourself a favour and read this article. Rejection will still hurt, but articles like this can only help…surely…maybe…hmmmm

Article This Way


Take Your Blog To New Levels

I love reading about Blogs and how people go from a newbie to an expert in a matter of months (or years as the case often is). I came across three articles this week I feel can help some aspiring Bloggers out there, all offering some advice we can all take on board.

The Top 10 Blog offers ten tips about spring-cleaning your Blog. Although this is aimed at experienced Bloggers, i still took something from this. It’s always good to take a step back and look hard at your work. This advises you do exactly this.

Carol Tice, on the other hand, recommends a rather odd thing for Bloggers; to actually be nice and pay people to be your Guest. When you think about it, it makes a whole load of sense, and a little bit of investment can do wonders for a growing site. It’s a daunting tactic, but certainly one to consider moving forward.

Finally, Rosie Rogers gathered together 10 Expert Bloggers and asked their advice on how to grow a Blog. We could all do with some Expert advice from time to time so let your eyes take in some wonderful words of inspiration.

Top 10 Blog

Carol Tice

Rosie Rogers


Communicate your way to the Perfect Dialogue

My recent Beta Readers (who took a look at my first Chapter) basically said my dialogue could do with some work. Therefore I’m very keen for some advice on this area, and this particular article has proved to be great.

Scott Francis offers 5 golden nuggets of advice, which will hopefully help me re-energise my dialogue so future Beta Readers don’t cry. Anybody else struggling with Dialogue? look no further!

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Only Half Way? Really?

Online Books have taken huge steps in recent years, but Mike Sharzkin predicts we’re only half way there. By 2017 he predicts 80% of Book transactions will be made online, and you can assume a good deal of these will be e-books.

It’s an interesting idea, and only time will determine if he’s right. The shift has been coming however; so don’t be surprised if Mike is right. What will this mean for Self-Publishers? It has to be good, right? What about publishing houses? Well I suppose they see it less favorably. Or do they?

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Bigger is Not Always Better

I’m a big fan of Dan Blank, and I think he hits the nail on the head with this article. We all want a big platform, but will it create success? Sometimes focusing on a niche is more preferable, and although it depends on YOU, I’d say being a big fish in a small pond is better for most.

He compares a platform to the housing market (kind of), and overall he makes sense out of it (somehow). If you’re just starting out your Author Platform, as I am, then this is certainly worth the three minutes of reading. Trust me!

This Way Please


The ‘Bloody Hell, Are You Kidding Me’ Article

Rupert Murdoch is quite simply a joke, and his entire brand is coming away at the seams. It has been for some time now, what with the collapse of the News of the World and all. It’s the turn of the Sun (another horrendous creator of pointless and mind numbing news), and overall it leaves Skeletor in a rather awkward position.

I particularly like this quote of his, “We will obey the law. Illegal activity simply cannot and will not be tolerated at any of our publications.”

Hmmmm, sure thing Rupert, sure thing!

Here Here Here


Thanks for reading folks. I hope you have a great weekend and i may just have a post or two for you over the next couple of days. If you have yet to read my articles this week please wonder on over. I had a guest Post from Jeff Goins, as well as my own input into Blog SEO. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Guest Post from Jeff Goins

Blog SEO, Do You REALLY Need It?

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