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Let’s face it, in terms of Harry Potter, Hufflepuff is the black sheep of the family. They’re not evil, or brave, or intelligent; they’re simply…well, Hufflepuff.

It’s there to make up the numbers and I have a similar way of looking at particular Social Media sites. They have a purpose, and for some they will be very important, but overall I could live my life without them, and in some cases I do.

Welcome back to the How To Build An Author Series. Today’s post is about Social Media sites that are less important, at least in my world, when compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Everything Needs A Purpose!

I’ve been reiterating these words a lot lately and I hope you’ve been taking this advice on board. It’s easy to say yes to everything, but at some point you need to say NO! Or at very least take a step back and carefully consider what you will use it for.

For my author marketing, the following are the Hufflepuff members:

–       Tumblr

–       Linkedin

–       Pinterest

–       Foursquare

–       Myspace

There are, of course, many more Social Media sites out there, but to discuss them all would make this the longest post ever, so let’s focus on these and how you can use them (or not) in your author platform.



I like Tumblr, I really do. I use it, but for me it’s insignificant when comparing to a WordPress Blog. It has its purpose though, and certainly adds value for certain people in certain industries. The big question though… is it right for an author?

I use Tumblr as an add on to my author platform. Its purpose is to add links, videos, and pictures that don’t relate to author marketing, but never the less take my ‘fancy’ and make me want to share it with the world.

I try not to add too much content because it will detract from my Blog and Tweets. The features are great however, so I feel I’ll forever use this site in some form or other.

What about you?

Does Tumblr have a place in your author platform?

If so, great, continue to use it. If you don’t use it often, and have no real reason to do so, then kick it to the curb and place more time elsewhere.



The ultimate Social Media platform for business folk, but how does Linkedin align with your author platform? I have one, mainly for work, but I do see ways it can enhance my author marketing if carefully used.

My Linkedin profile, like so many other peoples, is a short C.V. that’s great for interacting with business contacts. Not exactly a huge need for authors, but if you consider the business side of things then it has its place.

In a previous post (Author Marketing: Entice Agents With 3 Sparkling Steps) I discussed the idea of publishers, Editors, and Agents. When you make your list and communicate with these industry folk then Linkedin makes more sense than Twitter or Facebook.

Such people will care about your writing, obviously, but they also want to see what you can offer to the bigger picture. Linkedin also has the kudos of being professional, and when people message you, you’re expecting it to be business related. If you message them via Twitter will they take notice?



The new kid on the block and something I’ve yet to, and to be quite honest never foresee myself, signing up for. It’s a lovely site and full of colour and cool aspects for people to search and share. My major question, however: what purpose would it have in my author platform?

Overall I feel it’s something authors don’t need, with certain exceptions of course:

–       Do you use pictures in your books?

–       Do you create cartoons or animations?

–       Is your book creative in terms of design?

–       Are you a photographer, and therefore create amazing pictures?

–       Is your book research oriented?

There’s a place for authors on Pinterest that’s for sure. Take J.F Penn for example. As a writer currently writing book number three, and the genre set around historical scenarios, Pinterest could help things massively.

Researching for such a book will bring exciting paintings and photographs into your life, items you can ‘Pin’ and share with the world and potentially reach new followers. For this purpose, Pinterest adds great value.



I signed up for Foursquare once, used it for a week or so, and then forgot about its existence. So why do authors need to use Foursquare? They don’t!

I personally see no benefit, and spending a few minutes ‘Checking-In’ everywhere is a waste of my time and a distraction from other, more important author marketing tools.

I do see some exceptions though:

Say, for example, you like to write in different coffee shops around an exiting city. Foursquare could help interact and engage with fans.

Maybe you’re on a book tour and seeing plenty of new cities. If this is the case then you can ‘Check-In’ and review cool new shops and restaurants.

Or you might just be someone who’s constantly travelling (for writing or through your work) and always on the look out for cool new hangouts. Foursquare could become your best friend if this is the case.



In 2004 it was cool, and now it’s dead. Justin ‘Trouser Snake’ Timberlake is trying his best, bless him, but can it be saved?

I think it’s had its day and will be forever a niche, until the day it finally dies. Its good for bands, but how can authors use it for their author platform?

If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them, because I can’t think of any. Maybe if you’re writing is set around the music scene or fashion industry, things could become more creative and Myspace may play a part. Hmmm, maybe, or maybe not…


As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of other social media sites to consider with more coming on the scene every week. Make sure you’re always on the look out and open to the idea of enhancing your author platform with new media. If you try something and it has a purpose then find a way to include it. If you can’t find any reasons then kick it into touch.

Next time on the How To Build An Author House I look at Youtube and how the biggest video site can help an author platform reach millions. Thanks for dropping by and please share with me how you use these Hufflepuff sites.

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