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Got that Friday feeling?

Don’t worry; I’m here to help pass the time with some stories of the week gone by. Just a quick note that I won’t be doing a Turndog Tales next week because I’ll be in SXSW and therefore too busy watching bands, drinking, and generally wondering around Austin aimlessly.

That is then, so let’s move onto the now and this week’s set of tales:


Love Something? Go Get It!

Jeff Goins is going to have to stop making great posts, because he is appearing on here far too often. This week he discusses pursuing your dreams, and why so many people stutter along.

Dream Big, that’s what everyone tells you, but Jeff says screw this and think small. It may sound bad, but it isn’t, read it and see. I have grand dreams, but getting lost in the future is far too easy. Take a step back and let your dreams be more realistic, and slowly but surely see your passion grow

Article HERE


Writing & War…Each The Same?

Comparing writing to war is a stretch if you ask me, but that’s exactly what Kristen Lamb did this week. She talks about the new writer (a digital soldier) following a similar growth to the history of war. It all began with pencils and now we have laser guided missiles – I mean Twitter – to help us take on the world.

A really interesting read and so glad I came across it

This Way Please


Writing Matters, Ok!

Joe Konrath has seen some excellent success come his way, so when someone like him says something, it makes sense to listen.

In this post he discusses the importance of writing, and how doing it is the key to success. Write, and then write again, and keep writing until you become better. I can be guilty of this, sometimes putting writing to one side and reading, and marketing instead (like the last two weeks).

It helps bring you down to earth, this post, so I do recommend reading it. It helped me, so hopefully you too

Click Here


Writing + Depression = Been There, Done That

I really like Dan Blank and what he writes about. I hope to have him guest on this very Blog of mine soon, but that’s a different story. This week he did a post about writing and how it can be a rather depressing process.

You get rejected, and abused, and go months without selling squat. This happens to all writers, even people who now have a few million in the account. Everyone goes through it, but hard work can do wonders.

He offers some tips that you may find helpful, because lets face it, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Click Click 


Think Like An Editor!

Editing your own work is a nightmare. It might not be for you, but it is for me. A big reason for this is because I still don’t know what I’m doing, but instead learning bit by bit about what makes a good writer.

I can write and be creative, but in terms of grammar and technique…well, I have some improvement, let’s leave it at that.

Articles like this from Jeanne Kisicky go a long way and she offers some sound advice. If you’re editing your own work like me, then I suggest you read this post now.

This Way


The Bloody Hell, Are You Kidding Me’ Article

This is usually me ranting about something I’ve read, but this week things are a little different. It’s instead praising the quality video that is THIS from Dollar Shave, and why other companies can’t create something similar.

Just this week I did an article about ‘Youtube for Author Marketing’, saying video can be great for building a platform and communicating to fans. There is an ‘If’ though… and that is quality content.

Boring videos are awful. Boring, poorly made videos are the worst!

Be creative and you can get some serious Brownie points. Just ask the Dollar Shave guy. I want to join and I don’t even use a razor!

Video Here


That’s all guys and galls. I head over to sunny Austin on Monday for SXSW so this Blog will be left to rot for a week. My online presence will not though, so if you want to know what’s happening at SXSW, see lots of music pictures, and generally follow my journey, add me @turndog_million

On my return I’ll be Blogging about SXSW as well as returning to The Millionaire Plan and Turndog Tales. Wish me luck.

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