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Hello everybody, it seems an age since I last did a round up of the week’s best news, but the truth is I’ve only missed one week. I’ve returned from 2012 SXSW with plenty of ideas and vigor, so I hope you’ve been reading my recent posts, but if you haven’t please Click Here.
It’s time to discuss some news right now though, and I’ve picked my favourite articles of the week. They range from writing tips, to Blogging advice, and even a little bit of branding thrown in for good measure.
So let’s dig in and look at our first tale:


Classy Brands Are Happy Brands
I read this post this morning and found myself nodding quite enthusiastically – surly to the intrigue of the person sat next to me. Anthony Pensabene talks about the importance of transparency and building relationship; something I am thinking more about as I build both my author platform and the Reactiv Group Brand (that’s where I work).

It’s short and sweet, and I agree wholeheartedly. As those who read this Blog will know, I get rather hung up on Branding, so this was the perfect article to help kick start my day.

Click Here For Awesomness


Two Top Ladies For A Friday Evening

I’m still relatively new to the game of writing, but two people I instantly flocked to were Joanna Penn & Jane Friedman. This post documented Joanna interviewing Jane as they discuss everything from publishing, to the future of books, and how they got started in writing.

Both Joanna’s and Jane’s Blogs are great, and I’m lucky to have appeared on Jane’s and have Joanna Guest Post on here. This is a two for one people so head over and watch the interview now.

Click Here Please


Your First Comment Is The Most Important

Danny Iny will appear on this Blog in the next week or so (as part of The Millionaire Plan), and it’s posts like this why I’m excited to get him on board.

Problogger is an excellent site for info and tips, and this one is great for all young Bloggers looking to garner some growth in the future. Comments are important, as Danny elaborates, but getting the first comment is a huge task.

Are you lacking in the comment department? Maybe this post will help!

Will You Be The First To Comment?


New School Methods For An Old School Dad

Jeff Shelby saw his dream of publication come true, but success didn’t really follow. He’s had several books published, but still the fame and fortune evaded him.

Then came self-publishing, and even more recently, the KDP Select Programme, and some strange things began happening; his book began selling.

I’ve heard some success stories from Amazon’s new programme (and some horror one’s too), but this is the most impressive. I won’t give much away, but the results are great and I’m sure Jeff will be keen to see what the future holds.

Here Here Here


We All Struggle…Sometimes

I know I know, Jeff Goins appears in just about every episode of The Turndog Tales. Don’t blame me though; it’s his fault for producing stellar articles on a weekly basis. This post focuses on the daily struggle; the combination of self-doubt, fear, and all those other annoying things roaming inside our heads.

Yet there’s hope, as Jeff shows in this post, and its articles like this that help centre me, and hopefully you too. It’s certainly worth the two minutes it’ll take to read.

This Way Please>>>


The ‘Bloody Hell, Are You Kidding Me’ Article!

This isn’t an article, rather me whining at Jet Lag!

Why haven’t we figured out a way to overcome it yet?

We can build Ipads, and Shuttles, and even a way to combine peanut butter and chocolate, but we can’t figure out a cure for Jet Lag? Are you kidding me?

I’d be interested in what other people do to overcome this because it always follows me around after a flight. I’ve been back 5 days now and I’m still drifting off come 6pm!


That’s everything for this week guys and girls. I hope you all have a great weekend (It’s supposed to be nice weather in England), and I will be hitting you more in the coming days with stories and ideas from 2012 SXSW, as well as the return of The Millionaire Plan next week (I have interviews with Jim Hopkinson, Dan Blank, and Danny Iny all lined up).

Please follow my 2012 SXSW adventure so far…I’d love to hear your thoughts on my future ideas 🙂

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