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Welcome everyone to another edition of The Turndog Tales, my weekly round up of all the best news I’ve come across. I’d like to wish a hello to all those returning, and also to those who are visiting for the first time. I’m blessed by your presence and having a few minutes of your time.

I will now introduce you all to some great Blog Posts and Bloggers , and I hope they offer you the same kind of insight as they did for me. Oh, and have a very happy weekend:


Meet The Author-Performer

Kristen Lamb is a great resource for writers looking to build an author platform, and she really out did herself with this little article. I strongly suggest you keep a close eye on Kristen’s Blog, and in particular this entry.

As someone that also writes about author marketing I’m always keen to hear other views and gather ideas from people I’m quite frankly in awe of. She likens writers to musicians, something I often do, and says you need to build from the bottom up.

So much sense in just a few hundred words; seriously, you want to read this…

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Save Some Room For Desert

In fact this title is wrong, because if anything, writing is merely the starter and marketing, sales, and everything else that comes with getting your name out there is the main meal.

Judith Briles guests on The Book Designer this week with some tips for writers and marketing. As someone who has her toes in a few author style fires, she knows better than most, and she assures us all the hard work really begins when you upload the book to Amazon.

She mentions 95% being after the book. A high figure? Hmmm, maybe, but is she wrong?

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The Shifting Scene Of Publishing

I really liked this post by Susan Kaye Quinn as she discusses her views on the changing landscape of publishing. I really like how she talks about the market going from a scarcity model to an abundance one.

I never thought of it like this, but it’s absolutely true, and in general, authors and publishers are stuck in the old school.

Teaching old dogs new tricks come to mind, so have a little look and see if you agree.

This Way >>>


Emails Are The Future

You may think I’m stuck in 2003, but Chris Brogan is getting back to basics and looking at the email newsletter as a serious source of his attention. I found this great to hear as so many emails are just overviews of things, so the idea of getting unique and compelling content by the inbox is great

So much so that I signed up…

Chris is a great resource for writers and marketers in general, and it’s great to hear his plans for the future. I take my hat off, sir.

Here Here Here


The Ultimate Editing Tips

As someone editing his book (or if the last few weeks have been anything to go by, doing anything but) I’m always on the look out for some editing tips. This article offers some great tid pits, so if you’re doing some self editing then I suggest you take a look.

I especially like tip number 3!

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Are You Kidding Me’ Article

Us Brits call it petrol and the Americans call it gas, but this week in England has seen it at the heart of things. We were going to have a strike so everyone panic buys, and then the strike doesn’t happen.

The Result? Crazziness!

As usual our politicians look aces, as this article shows us. Just a typical piece of March Madness (see what i did there?)

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That’s all for this week ladies and gentleman and thank you for dropping by.  I urge you to all check out Dan Blank next week as he starts his 8 week course. I’m sure he will offer some great updates, and tempt you into future courses.

I was lucky enough to have him on this very Blog a few days a go so check it out, along with my other posts, below:

Author Marketing: How To Real World Network

Author Marketing: Are Podcasts Dead Or The New Saviour

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