The Agony Of A Dead Bunny





This post is part of the AW April Blog Chain and the cue is about Dead Bunnies. I know, me too, I have no idea how it came about, but the stories so far have been amazing. Please read my own effort, and follow everyone else in the chain too.

You won’t regret it 🙂

“Mum, why isn’t he moving?” I ask as I’m looking at Snuggles. He’s really straight and stiff, a little like when I do my big stretch in the morning.

Mum just looks at me though, and she’s biting her lip. She’s the biggest person I know and always has an answer. I ask her questions every day and she always comes up with something amazing. She can explain why the sky is blue and why the ground is so hard, and why birds can fly.

She knows everything!

 “Is he sleeping, mum?”

She puts her big hand on my head and smoothes down my hair. I’ve not had my bath yet, thank God, so it’s still messy and pointing up everywhere. I looked at myself in the door where my reflection lives on the way down to Snuggle’s bed and it made me laugh. I love it when my hair’s all fuzzy and stuck up. I look like a Viking, which is so much better than having a bath.

“Well, he’s sort of sleeping, but it’s a really special kind of sleep. A sleep where you close your eyes forever, do you understand?”

I don’t understand, her eyes are all red and she keeps messing up words, even simple one’s I know. Why is she being so strange? We should just wake up Snuggles and then we can have breakfast and I can feed her green leaves and carrot sticks.

 “Nope, let’s wake him up so we can watch cartoons. Can we watch DVDs too? I want to watch my new films from yesterday.”

I go to touch Snuggles; to wake him up and play with his long ears like I always do, but Mum grabs my hand. It hurts, she slapped my skins and it tingles a little. I didn’t do anything bad, not like the time I knocked over the plate and it went CRACK SMASH.

My eyes feel heavy, not tired eyes either, but hurt eyes. They’re all watery and wet, and I can feel my lip shaking. This usually means I’m going to cry, which is bad, but then mum hushes songs in my ears and strokes my back like I’m a cat. That always helps make me feel good again.

“I’m sorry sweeties, I didn’t mean to get you so hard, it’s just you can’t touch snuggles, not today…”

“Why though?” I say, but the words are shaky, like when I talk through the toilet roll tube,” I want to play with him. I always play with him before breakfast. Always!”

I’m getting cross now, I don’t like this. Why is she being so mean and not letting me touch Snuggles. He’s my rabbit and best friend, and I always plays with him in the morning. Then I go to the park and play with other boys and girls, but we always come back home for more cuddles with Snuggles. Mum always laughs when I say that, I’m not sure why, but she seems to like it, so why is she being so mean now?

“Look, sweetie, Snuggles has gone…”

“Nope, he’s right here, see!” I go to touch him again but she picks me up so I’m way high off the ground. I usually love being a giant so high I can touch the sky, but right now I just want Snuggles.

“No, he went to sleep last night and is now with God in heaven. He loved us so much that he now has to go with his other Rabbit friends and play with them.”

“No! He’s my bestest friend, they can’t have him!” I squirm but she won’t let me go. She’s holding too tight, my eyes are getting all watery again. “Look, I’ll show you, I’ll give Snuggles Cuddles and we can play and eat greens and carrots.” She usually smiles when I say this, but not now. Why is she all watery too? Did I squeeze her too tight?

“Look, sweetie, it’s like when Grandma went away, do you remember Grandma?”

I do a little. She was nice and gave me chocolate and smelt like bread and cookies all the time. I nod my head, but I don’t know why she is talking about Grandma. We never talk about her.

“Well Snuggles is with her now…”

“But we never see Grandma, does that mean I won’t see Snuggles too?”
“I’m afraid so sweetie. Snuggle’s has gone to heaven to be with Grandma and God, and baby Jesus.”

My head is hurting and my eyes are really watery now. My nose is running too and I don’t like this morning. Usually it’s fun, but not today. I want to go back to bed and open my eyes again, only this time to Snuggles wobbling his nose and jumping on his bowl so the water goes SPLASH and makes his feets wet and soggy.

Maybe if I close my eyes now I’ll wake back up in bed to my mum kissing my cheek. Close them really tight and pretend this is a dream. I can be a king and a giant in my dream, and make Snuggles big and giant, and a dinosaur-hunting robot that only I can control and be friends with.

Close them really tight and make the world go black like the ninja capes on TV. And the world is quiet and I’m not sure if I’m sleeping or dreaming, and I feel light and floating and hope mum is still holding me up high.

There you go folks, hope you enjoyed my little tale. Please read everyone else in the Blog Chain below, and if you’ve never checked out the AW Forums then I suggest taking a look now. It’s a great place for writer’s to learn and share their tales.

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