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The more I search the Internet the more I see differing opinions on what an Author Platform is and whether a modern day author needs one. The world we currently live in makes it very easy to express your opinions, as I’m doing right now, and it’s great how the world is made up of so many differing thoughts.

However, when it comes to an Author Platforms the people who fight it worry me. They see it as change, and for the most part people don’t like change. However, I don’t see it this way, rather a process of evolution. Some may see this as the same, but I see evolution as a natural process that occurs over time, whereas change is more sudden, and often forced.

I know hindsight is great, but has this evolution of the publishing world really been that surpassing? If we look at what occurred to the music industry at the turn of the millennium, the signs were there for all the writing world. Music and books are similar products, and in general people are yearning for ease of use. Once Amazon dug in it’s claws the modern day author should have seen what was coming.


The Evolution of the Modern Day Author

There was a great post in Forbes recently, which looked at the ever changing process of a writer. Jane Friedman and Joel Friedlander have also looked at this recently, and the theme in all of these articles looks at how the modern day author should embrace an author platform.

Yet people still see it as a separate entity. That writing is writing, and an Author Platform merely takes time away from this. They want to only write, find an agent, get their work published and be an aloof individual just like their idols.

This is what writing was, but it no longer applies. Why see an Author Platform as something separate, when all it really is, is YOU. Your writing, marketing, networking…it’s all part of the process that you create. Rather than see it as a hindrance, embrace this engaging process because all you’re doing is embracing who you are.

It may be about creating a Brand, but you’re creating a Brand around you and the things you believe in. When it comes to doing something you don’t want to, surely this is a pretty good compromise.

Many modern day authors see an Author Platform as something that will take time away from their writing. They see it as Twitter and Facebook, and commenting on every Blog you can. However, these same people seem to forget that they make the rules.

If you create an Author Platform properly, as I discuss in my Free Ebook Series ‘How To Build An Author House’ , then you decide on the things that work. If you don’t like Twitter, fine, just make sure you have reasons not to use it.

If you only have time to follow half a dozen Blogs, also fine, just make sure you put 100% in everything you do.


You Hold Your Own Destiny

It’s your author platform, and as a modern day author it’s your job to find and connect with readers. Even if you get published traditionally, you’ll still have to do much of the grunt work, at least in the early days.

Be the master of your own world and embrace your author platform like you would your story. Everything you create and do is part of it, and if you don’t like something, you have the power to change, or as I like to see it, evolve.

You make the rules and you should be damn proud of the ones you create.

Turndog Millionaire – @turndog_million


Are you a modern day author?

Do you disagree that an author platform is for everyone?

Let me know your thoughts below as I’d love to hear your opinions.


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