The Strategic Marketer…The Future Is Now




I was recently on a bus during the school rush hour and to the left of me sat two girls, probably around four or five years of age. One had her mother’s iPhone and the other had her iPod touch.


They effortlessly played with it as if it was part of their body. Two girls, who barely new the full extent of the English language, were using a piece of technology that’s state of the art. At least in terms of consumerism anyway.


Put the same gadget in my fathers hands, a man who has been part of the earth for over sixty years, and he would try use it as a remote control. Offer it to the generation above and they may use it as a coaster.


It got me thinking about the future, and specifically the future of a strategic marketer. I often go on about 21st century thinking and how brand positioning is becoming more vital than ever. These two girls, inadvertently and probably during an angry birds session, demonstrated this better than I could with words.


Adapt or die, strategic marketer, adapt or dies


Are You A Strategic Marketer?

You maybe reading this and thinking, ” I’m not a strategic marketer”. If this is the case, well, you should be. Not only that, but you need to be an artist too. You need to be someone who can combine a good strategy with a creative idea. You need to create brand positioning that relates to your customer.


This doesn’t just apply to B2C Brands either, because the people who work for other people are ultimately programmed in the same way.


We no longer search the yellow pages, but head to google. We don’t want information tomorrow, we want it now!

The Future Is Now

This isn’t the world of tomorrow, but the current state of things. These amazing technologies connect us with ease, and as such, people want engagement all day long. This is why you need to be a strategic marketer, because the world is becoming a very strategic place.


How can you create ways each day to engage and interact?


How can you stand out from the crowd?


How can you combine strategic and creative thinking in a way that works?


In my opinion these two young girls demonstrate the world as of now. It shows us a world of tech savvy, hands on people desiring the very best. Are you a brand that is giving this? If not, now’s the time to change. In a few years time it may be too late, as the Brands of yesterday get replaced by a whole new breed of minds.


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