Readers Have Not Changed




The publishing world has evolved a great deal in recent years. It’s followed the same route as music and now very much relies on the Internet, new gadgets, and indeed technology as a whole.

This has allowed people of varying skill sets to become an author, and for the good or bad, it’s opened many new doors.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the reader. You may feel they too have evolved, but on what grounds are you basing that? Is it because they now email authors, follow them on twitter, and comment on their Blogs?

Is it because they too wish to become an author and see their idols as a cornerstone to base their entire life on?


Only Time Has Changed

Well, I’m sorry, but this was the same ten years ago, twenty years, and even one hundred years ago. People still sent letter to these great writers, and they went to see them at book signings, talks, and anything else the writer chose to do. The only true difference between then and now, is opportunity.

Go back to a time when the likes of Steinbeck, Lee, and Hemingway were writing, the opportunities to meet them, or indeed see them, were slim. First of all they had to be in a town near you, and they had to decide to actually do some sort of event. It was tough for a reader, because although they wanted to meet and engage with their idols, it was just so damn hard.

So they wrote letters and hoped one day a reply would arrive through their door. Readers have not changed, only the opportunities that exist have.


What Would Hemingway Do?

It begs the question as to what authors of the past would do today. A great article on Forbes discusses exactly this. Would Hemingway be an avid Tweeter?

We will never know, but I’m sure many writers, despite being aloof, would never the less reach out and reply to emails, send the odd Tweet, and maybe even have a Blog.

We now live in an age where someone who wishes to become an author can send an email to their favourite author. If someone inspires them they can follow their Blog, leave comments, and hope one day to begin a relationship. Would readers of fifty years ago not want this?


Will You Become An Author?

Maybe you wish to become an author? Maybe you’re already there, or maybe you’re just starting to begin an Author Platform. Either way, you have an opportunity to reach out  and begin relationships with people waiting to accept an invitation.

You may admire authors of years gone by, but just because they lived in an age where engagement was almost impossible, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love to connect with their readers.

Embrace this modern world we live in!

Embrace technology and anything else that gets you closer to your fans!

Embrace your passions and extend them to things other than writing!

If you don’t like marketing, fine, don’t conform to it… but instead mould it around your true strengths. Search the things you can connect with, put 100% into it, and embrace the life of a modern day author.


Be Different…Stand Out

Readers have not changed, only time has. Don’t look at an aloof author of the past as private and mysterious, instead look at them as a person wishing they could live in an age where meeting their most loyal fans possible.

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