How To Move From Strategic Thinking to Strategic Doing!





Anybody who reads this Blog, or who’s had the (dis)pleasure to hear me speak first hand, will know my stance on what makes a 21st Century Marketer. My head is constantly doing a dance between Strategic Thinking and Creative Thinking, and it’s finding this balance that pushes me forward.

The secret sauce, in my opinion, is going to the beginning and set your Foundations. Doing this provides structure for growth, but it’s not about writing them down and stating who you are, it’s about living by them.

It takes more than strategic thinking, it requires strategic doing.

As a Strategic Marketer, I take great interest in Brands. Whether it’s a business I already know, just come across, or thinking about using, I always take a keen look into their inner workings.

Generally speaking, I only use services and products that align with my own interests. I strive to find companies like me, and one of the first things I look for is their Vision.

Most businesses these days create a vision, and therefore feel the Strategic Thinking process is complete. What I find, however, is many fail to live up to the hype. It makes me sad, because it takes more than Strategic Thinking, it takes Strategic Doing, too.

You need more than good intentions, you actually have to follow through with your promises.


Don’t Turn To Politics

It reminds me of politics and how every few years we get introduced to a new person with great intent. They tell us how they plan on changing the world and finally make a difference. We believe them, because we want to…we need to.

So we vote for them, and time and time again experience failure. What they once promised, they now fail to deliver, and we feel jaded and hard done by and lied to. Companies do the same every day, and it’s a sad state of affairs.


You Need More Than Strategic Thinking

If you’re reading this and run your own company, or on the verge of creating one, get your Strategic Thinking Cap on. Combine this with Creative Thinking and push yourself until you create something amazing. Don’t stop there, though, keep going and turn that good intention to living proof.

For you see, if all you ever have is good intention, then you’re no better than the politicians feeding us empty promises and false hope. You’re no better than the large corporations who avoid tax, promote poor working conditions, and generally make the world a very cut throat place to live.

I don’t care if you promote green initiatives, and organic growth. If you fail to deliver, you’re doing no good to the world You are remaining in the 20th Century, and your time will soon come.


Become A Strategic Do’er

I talk about Strategic Thinking often, why…because I believe in it. I believe the combination of Strategic & Creative Thinking is the key to 21st Century Success. However, the word thinking doesn’t cut it. You need to follow through to doing, and until you do this, nothing is achieved.

So…how do you achieve this?

It’s quite simple really. In my Free Ebook, ‘What Is Strategic Marketing: The Ultimate Balancing Act‘ I talk about how to succeed in the modern day world. It begs you to question things, relate them to your own Brand, and generally get you thinking.

If you follow through with this mantra, the balance of Creative & Strategic Thinking, I believe you will create something great. Making this a reality is simple. All you have to do is go back and read your Foundations… all the time!

  • Come across a problem? Read your Vision!
  • Unsure about the future? Read your Vision!
  • Not sure about a particular Product? Read Your Core Values?
  • Read your Missions every day!
  • Update and refine every few months!
  • Make your Strategy the Bible of your Business!


Don’t Make Excuses

People will make excuses about not having enough time, and being too busy and blah blah blah. Excuses are simply that, though, they just offer you a place to hide. If you go to the trouble to create a genuine Strategic Plan, why would you then not follow it through?

Don’t intend to be a 21st Century Brand, actually become one!

Don’t offer false hope…follow it through with genuine action!

Strategic Thinking is a large part of my life, and it’s something I promote every day. It doesn’t stop at an idea, though, or good intention. You only make a difference if you follow it through.


Be Your Vision

Create your vision and become it. Work towards this each day and promote who you truly are. Live by your Care Values and strive to become your dream. If you wake up each day and make tiny steps, you will be a company that acts, not intends.

If you do this, well, you truly are a 21st Century Brand.

Turndog Millionaire – @turndog_million


I would love to know how you combine Strategic Thinking with Creative Thinking. How to you move from intention to action? Tell us your story in the comments below.


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