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Hello there and welcome to The Turndog Review: the books I read, reviewed.

I aren’t a professional critic, instead all I offer is my honest opinion into everything I read. However, I do this with a difference, as I don’t only offer my personal views on the Writing, Plot, and Story, but also the Book Cover, Book Marketing, and Author Website.

We live in a modern world where being a writer is different to years gone by, and I feel the whole experience of the book matters. This covers everything from the initial find, the actual read, and everything that follows. Therefore I hope this review not only offers a great insight into the book and author, but also into my own mind and what makes me tick.

So without further ado let’s begin, and today I focus on The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeu


Published: 2012

Read: June 2012

Discovered: Because I saw it everywhere and though, I want a piece of that!



The $100 Startup came into my life about 6 weeks too late. It provides some fantastic advice about setting up your own business (whatever that may be), and on terms that suit you.

Have money? Great, that works.

Have no money? That’s ok too, because you can do a great deal these days with nothing

It filled my head with ideas and I’ll implement certain things based on inspiration from this read. As for Chris, well, he has a way of helping you see the simple things. Truly great, and some of the case studies are amazing.

Need inspiration? This is the book for you!


The Good:

Setting up your own business, or just thinking about it, is hard work. There are lots of things to consider, but the $100 Startup paints a very simple picture. This is by far the best thing about this book. It can be read and enjoyed by anyone.

I also love the case studies. They offer inspiration, a positive outlook, and a whole host of ideas to help get you started. Seriously, some of the stories are incredible. If had this and nothing else, it would still be worth the money.


The Bad:

Well, as a Strategic Marketer, I don’t agree with everything. It glosses over some things, and for me, makes things too simplistic. This is not bad for many, but for me, I like to create a more detailed strategy that will help a brand grow and grow and grow.

This is only a bad thing for me, though, whereas most people will see this as a positive. Regardless, this is how I see things. Chris and I would no doubt have a few interesting chats.


Book Cover:

A very modern over. It stands out and gives you everything you need. Not too sure what the bike is for, but it adds a nice touch. Overall I like the colours, and Chris’s name and title stand out.

The one downside is the amount of text on there. The text below the title is small and hard to read. Does it need to be there? I’m not 100% sure it does.

A good cover without blowing things out of the water.



Book Marketing:

I read the Ebook, which is full of links to click on. I love the end of the book where you can read extra case studies, stories behind the stories, and a whole host of other information. It all leads to a specially designed website that really is a nice touch.

It builds a community after the book and is something I’m seeing more of. I love it. It’s a great site, too, and one that could house people for years to come. A great marketing success story if you ask me. I always think it’s easier to do this for a Non-Fiction book, but a writer of any kind can take certain things on board.


Author Website & Engagement:

Chris’s site is very nice. As someone who built his following through this, it’s unsurprising that it has long legs. Although the site is good, it’s the interaction within it that’s great.

Chris has built a very strong community. There are sites that bring in more numbers, but he doesn’t care for this. He has a tight knit group who would do a lot for him. He says in a previous book how 90% of his readers won’t buy a product of his. He also says how he’s fine with this.

This is a very good attitude to have, and just because someone doesn’t spend money, doesn’t mean they have no value. To pick up some website tips, Chris is a man to look at.


My overall love for this book is high. This is the first thing of Chris’s I’ve read, but I doubt it will be the last. It’s a great read and full of great ideas. I often think about sitting down with an author of a book, and what it would be like (in the least stalker like way possible).

How good would the conversation be? Would I walk away as happy as after I read the book? In this case I feel Chris and I would have an interesting chat (again, in the most un-stalker manner possible).

So, It’s only fair to give this top book a top mark of…

                   5 Turndogs out of 5



Thanks for reading this version of The Turndog Review. I review every book I read, not only for the writing, but the marketing, website, and general communication from the author.

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