Hello all, and welcome to the first in an ongoing feature here at TurndogMillionaire.com

One of my big aims moving forward is meeting Entrepreneurs with great ideas. My plan is simple:

  • Find them
  • Contact them
  • Interview them

Got that? Good. Well without further ado lets begin this exciting new series. My first guest is Arnold du Troit from Rolley Golf.

I first met Arnold about 18 months ago at a Christmas Dinner, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. He has some truly great ideas and it was a pleasure to interview him. Please watch the video or listen to the mp3, although a summary of discussions are below:

Rolley Golf Interview (to download the mp3, right click and save as)

Please Check out the links below and show Rolley Gold some love:

Rolley Golf Website (please not a new site has just been made and a few finishing touches are being added)

Rolley Golf Twitter

Arnold du Troit Twitter 


Transcript Overview

  • Arnold tells me about how the Rolley Golf came about, and how his time at University spearheaded both his idea, and opportunities into creating a Startup
  • I ask Arnold about Drive Daddy, and how Rolley Golf plays a part in this. He tells us how Drive Daddy was a slogan he used at University, a nickname that subsequently stuck. Drive Daddy now looks at the technology side of things, whereas the Rolley Gold is the specific product.
  • Arnold tells us how certain Trademark issues arose, and how he had to realign things to get around this
  • We talk about Yawn Creative, and how they played a part in the design of the logo and overall Brand Design.
  • We continue this subject by talking about collaboration, and how working with other Entrepreneurs (including involvement with the Virgin Pioneer’s community) is vital to success
  • Arnold talks about how the Rolley Golf has both B2B and B2C potential. Not only can the technology behind the product be used for Golf, but applied in various other industries, too.
  • I ask Arnold about the link between B2B & B2C, and how the two mix into one another.
  • We discuss Communication, and how the Rolley Golf can attract the right people
  • Arnold talks about the Summer, and how certain projects could produce a great deal of PR
  • He also discusses competitions, and how entering key contests has lead to big things. Not just the contest itself, but new opportunities afterwards.
  • I ask Arnold about diversification and where the technology behind the Rolley can go
  • Arnold tells us about meeting Sir Richard Branson and how Virgin Media Pioneers have played a large role in his development

That’s a brief overview of what we discuss, but please watch the video to get the full details.

Thanks for dropping by and keep an eye out for further interviews in the coming weeks.

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