I’m delighted to have Eric Kim from Cubedge with me today. Eric was kind enough to talk to me and discuss his innovative ideas. I came across Cubedge via Kickstarter and immediately found it interesting. I’m a fan of slick looking gadgets, and in my opinion, this is damn slick.

So, take a look at the video below – or if you prefer, listen to the MP3 – and make sure to visit the Cubedge website. I’ve also provided some highlights of the conversation below, so immerse yourself into the Cubedge Brand.

Cubedge Interview (to Download right click & save-as)


Cubedge Website

Cubedge Twitter

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* Eric talks about Cubedge, how it came about, and the general low down

* He continues to discuss the ethos of Cubedge. How simplicity is vital. He keeps using references about how anyone can open it and use it straight away.

* I ask Eric how the idea came about. He simply saw other people create great things and considered there was a gap in the market for some stylish, easy to use products.

* I show interest in the solar technology. How does this play a part in Cubedge? Eric talks about the accessory and how he’s excited to incorporate it into his product. However, it has relevance in a variety of products. The reach, therefore, is big.

* Eric talks about the story behind the Brand, the name, and the general style of the product.

* I’m interested in how Cubedge will play a part alongside other products. Does Cubedge want to be a stand alone product, or incorporate with existing Brands. Eric is excited to have a large role in the accessory market and develop a stand alone Brand that becomes a powerhouse.

* The design played a large part in the process, but affordable style remained important. A great deal of effort was placed into this process.

* Eric talks about the importance of Brand Value. He hopes to extend the Brand across a variety of Products, and wants to take a similar route as luxury Brands. This means sacrificing certain profit levels that allow the Brand to move forward.

* We talk about the way Cubedge will reach out to the desired audience. Communications will be an important part in creating a long standing Brand.

* Eric tells me about Kickstarter and what he hoped to achieve from this campaign.

* I ask Eric about the future and what we can expect from the Cubedge team. As you can imagine, times are exciting.

A huge thanks to Eric for taking the time out and talking about his fantastic product. Make sure you check out the Cubedge Website above and get yourself ready for a great speaker entering the market

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