Today I welcome Guy & Heidi from CODOC who sat down with me a couple of weeks ago and let me throw a few questions their way. They have some great ideas and are much more than a Production Company. This is not surprising as this is what 21st Century Entrepreneurs do. They go above and beyond.

I met Guy & Heidi via Virgin Media Pioneers and they’ve recently had a profile of their company made. Check it out because it’s a great watch/read. Otherwise, settle in and watch the video below (or listen to the audio version if you prefer)…


Huge thanks to Guy & Heidi, as I’m sure you’ll agree, they have some great ideas. Please take a look at their website below and sign up to their Twitter. And if you want a quick run down, I’ve done an overview of the transcript below.





  • Guy & Heidi tell us about CODOC, and how the idea of Layered Video came about.
  • I personally get excited by the thought of Layered Video and ask where they think it could go in the future
  • Guy talks about how Layered Video is different to the Youtube version. It’s all about adding to the story and allows the filmmaker and viewer to come closer together.
  • Heidi continues this talk and discusses how it adds a new dimension to the video. The actual link doesn’t open up a new video, rather opens a window within the video. This keeps people on the same page, further engaged, and happy to keep watching
  • They talk about how Layered Video came about after wanting to use it themselves. This allowed them to take their own work to the next level and will be a heavy feature in the upcoming CODOC TV Channel.
  • I ask Guy & Heidi about their company tagline and how it came about. The idea behind it, and the Brand in general, is excellent. Guy goes into detail about the importance of stories and how they play a huge role in the CODOC world
  • I ask about the importance of community. Both Heidi & Guy talk about how vital it is and how they wish to engage their followers and fans
  • We talk about the future and what the next 18 months hold. As well as Layered Video and CODOC TV, the pair is finishing and releasing a new documentary. Some exciting times lay ahead.

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