What Marketers Can Learn From Coffee Shops




If you wake up to a nice cup of coffee, say Amen

Now I have your attention, let me tell you a tale that’s full of great service, great attention to detail, and yes, great coffee.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a lover of Black Gold. It keeps my heart ticking each and every day, and serves as inspiration to a lot of what I do. As I write this very Blog Post I’m sat in a coffee shop surrounded by books and that lovely fresh smell of…mmmmmm, ok I digress.

Anyway, I think us marketers have a lot we can learn from coffee shops. I’m not talking about the large chains, but the independent ones that actually serve character and charisma as a side dish.


What’s Coffee Got To do With It?

I’m from a small town, but despite this, we have several great coffee shops. Sure, we have the chains we’re all used to. These are great for a quick cup of Joe, but you hardly want to spend the entire day there.

There is a place called The Circle Lounge, though, where I spend many an hour locked between its walls.

The Coffee Is Good

The Service Is Better

My Love is Immense

Before I go any further, I’ll admit it, I’m a geek. I’m a marketer, not because I have to be, because I want to be. Simply put, I love it.

I’m always observing and learning. Some may call it people watching (or Brand watching), but I call it doing my job. So why is The Circle Lounge so good?


When Coffee Is Worth More Than Gold

This is my general Circle Lounge experience:

  • I walk in to a smile and a hearty hello
  • They know my order before I have to ask
  • They tell me to sit down and they’ll bring it over
  • They don’t ask for money
  • In fact, they never ask for money
  • I sit and I write and I listen to music
  • They let me sit there and write and listen to music
  • After several hours I pay, leave, and count down the minutes until I return

I believe I’d be able to walk out without paying if I wanted. I don’t, of course, but I could if I like. This may be trusting, but they have very little to worry about. They’ve created a following that will always pay, always come back, and always sing their praises.


What Marketers Can Learn

The Circle Lounge isn’t unique. Most towns have a small independent place like this. As you read this very sentence, I bet you can think of somewhere exactly like it.

How many other places have a similar aura, though?

When was the last time you went to a supermarket and got that feeling?

Or a bank?

Or a Clothes Shop?

The key lesson to learn about all this is the journey you create for your customers. Whoever they are, and whatever you do, you have two choices:

  1. Create a truly memorable journey
  2. Create an average, everyday journey

I can only hope you strive for the memorable version, if not, you’ll struggle down the line. Marketing is evolving and leaving people behind. I talk about this in my Free Ebook, What Is Strategic Marketing, and my point here is the same.

Be a 21st Century Brand!


Be Social Damn It

We can learn a lot from coffee shops. They tend to create a customer journey that’s memorable and lasting. If your Brand isn’t doing this you’ll struggle in the future. This is what people expect, so go above and beyond and find a way to give it them.

Have you had a great experience in a coffee shop?

Do you replicate this in your Business?

Do you agree or think I’m crazy?

The comment section below is for your comments, so leave one now and complete the process 🙂

Matthew Turner – @turndog_million

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