I’m delighted to welcome Matt Forbeck to the site today. I came across Matt via Kickstater and noticed his very ambitious quest of publishing 12 books in 2012. Needless to say I was intrigued, sent him an email, and spent 30 minutes picking his brain.

It is now here for you to watch or listen (the choice is yours), and trust me, this is something writers of varying levels can learn from.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about starting a Kickstarter event, this holds a few tips from a man who knows his stuff.






Interview Overview

* I asked Matt about his prolific nature and how he writes so much. He shares some insight into his current projects and how he manages everything.

* We talk a lot about Kickstarter and how and why he used it in the first place.

* I ask Matt about offering some tips on Kickstarter. He feels it’s a method that can be utilised to great effect if tackled in the right manner.

* I ask Matt what he thinks about self-publishing, as someone who has experienced both the traditional and self published route, he has some interesting thoughts.

* We re-visit the prolific nature of Matt’s writing, and he offers a few tips for budding writers to get to that magic 5,000 mark

* Interestingly, Matt isn’t religious about his writing and doesn’t worry if he goes a few days with no words.

* Finally, we discuss Matt’s future projects and what he has going on in the coming months

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