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Today I’m delighted to welcome Jacob form The Lazy Camper. I spoke to Jacob a little while ago and delighted he agreed to be interviewed. I’m lucky to have met some innovative young minds, and Jacob is certainly one of them.

Take a look at the video below (or listen to the MP3 if you prefer) and find out about Jacob, the Lazy Camper, and how this young startups is making grooves in the industry. I’m sure you’ll agree, he has a very exciting operation under way. Oh, and don’t forget to visit Jacob on his site, Twitter, etc below…






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Interview Overview

  •  Jacob offers a quick overview about who he has, what The Lazy Camper does, and how things came about
  • The Lazy Camper came about via a need Jacob had himself. He was at a festival, had trouble getting equipment, and felt things should be easier than it was.
  • We discuss competition and how there are a few other Brands doing something similar. It means The Lazy Camper has to be at the top of their game for both quality and price
  • I ask Jacob about his Target Market and who he sees as his primary audience.
  • I’m a fan of the look of The Lazy Camper Brand, and ask Jacob how he created this. He talks of how he took inspiration from other Brands and placed his own spin on things
  • Jacob talks about the Brand Story behind The Lazy Camper. The environment plays a large role and Jacob wants people to be conscious about what they are doing with his products.
  • I ask Jacob about his message and he hopes to get it out there. He has created some links already, begun some campaigns, and has grand plans moving forward.
  • We talk about Core Values and how these play a huge role in The Lazy Camper story
  • I ask how much of Jacob is in the Brand. There is a great deal, and although things moving forward will be hard, Jacob is confident he can maintain the true values of the Brand
  • We discuss the future. Jacob talks about new markets, new ideas, and new processes to move things forward.

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