Are You A 21st Century Brand?




Are you a 21st Century Brand?

You maybe thinking yes. You live in the 21st Century and therefore yes, of course you are. I, however, do not subscribe to such thinking. You need to earn this title. It’s reserved for a select group!

So I ask again, are you a 21st Century Brand?

If you aren’t, don’t worry, as there’s a simple formula to success:

Creative Thinking + Strategic Thinking = 21st Century Success

It’s as simple as that. You take the creative part of your brain, smash it into the strategic part, and find a balance that works for you.

For some Brands it sways toward the Creative, and for others it edges back to Strategic. Which are you?


What All This Means

I created the Free Ebook, What Is Strategic Marketing, because I’m tired of the old way of thinking. In fact, it’s this that tempted me away from my secure job and into self-employment.

I want to make a difference

I want to be part of the (r)evolution

The old way of thinking – you know, those sleazy marketers – had you creating monologues. They asked you to stand up and talk at people. This isn’t acceptable any more. Not in a world of Millenialls. They expect more.


A Millenial World

In a world of Social Media, Smartphones, and Webinars, people expect a conversation. It’s a world of explorers. People don’t sit and wait anymore, they go and find what they’re looking for.

A modern day Brand creates Dialogues

This is nothing new. After all, you’ve created a Twitter account and always posting a status about your lunch. You’re a 21st Century Brand, right?

No, this doesn’t make you the bees knees. You have a Twitter account, so what? Rupert Murdoch has one, and he’s about as 21st Century as Dracula!


Be Part Of The Movement

Being part of this new world isn’t hard. If you ask me it’s much easier being a 21st Century Brand then not. You approach everything, not with an aim to sell, but with the aim to engage.

What? You crazy fool!

I know, I know, it sounds strange, not putting the sale first. How can you pay the bills, buy bread, and coffee maker alarm clocks?

People expect more these days. I don’t care if you’re B2B, B2C or R2D2, people buy from people!


How Can I Join The Future?

*Engage with the people you wish to engage with.

*Make it easier for them to find & connect with you

It’s that simple folks. This isn’t a top 10 Tips, or 5 Secret Ingredients Post.The advice here is two exceptionally simple things. Engage with people and make it easy for them to Connect with you.

21st Century Brands get my attention, those who aren’t, don’t.

I’m not unique in this fact. Most people my age are like this. Many people that are older than me are, too. Those that are younger, boy, you better believe this is what they desire.


Are you a 21st Century Brand?

If your customers sing your praises & shares your lovemaybe you are

If you speak to them, engage with them, and immerse themmaybe you are

Share your story below and let us know which side of the line you’re on.

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