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How fast Friday comes around each week. Once again I’ve been looking through my Twitter feed and sharing my favourite stories, with you, the awesome reader.

The Turndog Tales is here and ready to rock your world. Ready for some amazing tales? Good, let’s begin…


Have Your Cake & Eat It

We’re seeing a growing number of hybrid authors. What I mean by this is the author that both self publishers and is traditionally published. Sometimes it’s in the form of a traditionally published author self publishing a book or two, and other times a successful Indie getting signed up.

Joanna Penn has become part of the latter’s list. First of all, a huge congrats to Joanna, and secondly, this Post shows you a great insight into the mind of a successful Indie. Not everyone who reads this will aggress with the thought process, but Joanna has her reasons for getting an agent.

If you ask me, she seems to be getting the best of both worlds

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Book Snobbery – The Low Down

Nick Thacker produced a great rant this week. He came across an article ‘dissing’ Airport books. This relates to the type of book that’s easy reading, but not the best example of literature.

Nick was ruffled by the tone of the Post, and I must say, I agree. Many of the books mentioned are things I wouldn’t read, and I’ll be honest, quite often abuse. However, I feel it’s important that there are many types of book. It’s like a movie. Sometimes you just want to watch an easy going action flick where Bruce Willis wastes the bad guys.

Are book so different?

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Help Out An Author

I loved this article by John Self. It talks about helping out authors and sharing the work of people you admire. At a time when authors are seeing less exposure and help from their publishers, and self published authors are leading the way in promotion, it makes sense to help out a writer you love.

When they launch a new book, do you help? Do you write a review, share some tweets, and talk about it on your Blog? It makes sense, but I bet many don’t. After all, we just assume they will be fine. The question is: will they?

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Good Job JK

If you ever read my Book Reviews, you will notice I often complain about big time authors and their lack of engagement. I frankly find it annoying, but JK Rowling, arguable one of the biggest on the planet, is leading the way.

There will soon be another Harry Potter Community, and to launch things, JK Rowling is doing a live reading. She is a busy woman, but I keep coming across stories of her reaching out. It must be hard to do this. She is HUGE, after all.

However, she tries and this is my whole point. Big time authors…do something to engage your readers. Every now and then, something like this is an amazing thing to do.

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Book Snobbery – Part Two

When I came across an article in The Guardian that mentioned Joanna Penn, I congratulated her. It wasn’t complimentary as such, but to appear in such a publication is great, regardless.

The whole article was a naive look at self publishing, though. Ewan Morrison, quite frankly, comes across as a bitter and hypocritical snob. Porter Anderson came back with a great Post. In my opinion, this is a must read.

We need to get away from this US V THEM mentality. It isn’t healthy and it isn’t helping the publishing industry move forward. Making people out as a bad guy just because they promote themselves online is naive. Saying Ebooks is a fad is also, in my opinion, naive.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

The above entry is from Porter Anderson, and offers a great recap of things. This entry is about the article in question, and I feel it’s only fair to give it it’s own title. Ewan Morrison produces an elitist view on self publishing and promotion. An article like this, in a large publication like The Guardian, offers no help at all.

Like Indie Authors don’t have enough on their plate! Do they really need views like this pasted all over the press? I find it sad and disrespectful. Is there a right or wrong way to publish a book? There are numerous ways and they all have their own positives and negatives.

Take a look and form your own opinions

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So we come to another end. Thank you for reading and have a top weekend. Before you go, make sure you look at Jeff Goins new book, Wrecked, which launched this week.

If you buy today you will get over $150 of Free Stuff. I’ve read this book and it’s great. You can see my review HERE, so please consider checking it out

Top day to you

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