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Let me paint a picture for you…you’re a writer, you’re on the verge of finishing your first book, and you’re excited to finally release your masterpiece.

Then panic sets in. You think about how you will get word out. You keep reading how most writers sell less than 100 copies. You read about Author Platforms, and Book Launches, and Social Media Campaigns.

I feel your pain, don’t worry

This is why I wrote How To Build An Author House, and this is why I’ve created an accompanying course to sit alongside it. I introduce you to The 3 Hour Author House.

Before we get into what this all involves, let me first offer some exciting news. I’m an expecting father.


Feeling Good Feels Good

2 weeks ago I saw my future baby for the first time. I felt on top of the world and wanted to do something BIG. I’ve done some real world celebrating, but wanted to do something online, too. I wanted to do something with you guys. Then I thought about the course I was finishing up and knew what I needed to do.

This was how I could express my happiness.

I only have 3 available slots each month and they’re usually priced at $149. To celebrate though, I will offer this months slots for just $97. It’s first come first serve, so don’t delay 🙂


What Is The 3 Hour Author House?

The full low down can be found HERE, but to give you a general overview, this is The 3 Hour Author House:

  • 3 x 1 Hour Consultancy Sessions with me
  • 5 Special Bonus Videos
  • A Free Copy of How To Build An Author House
  • Access To My Super Secret Email
  • A Full Money Back Guarantee + cookies

As I say, read the full low down HERE, but that’s the brief overview of what you will get.


“Matt’s strategic marketing insight has really helped me to focus and hone my marketing efforts so that I can better analyze my results and alter my strategy as needed. The sessions with him have given me the confidence to go outside of my established circles so I can reach more readers and grow my traffic and subscribers. Thanks Matt!”

Tania Dakka, Freelance Writer


Why Do You Need This?

We’ve all heard of an Author Platform, but I like to go a few steps further and call it an Author House. What’s different? An Author House goes to a deeper level and sets some specific foundations.

This isn’t about one book, but your entire writing career. An Author House is built to help you be awesome for a very long time. For those of you who’ve read How To Build An Author House, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

This course is designed to sit side by side and take things to the next level. You get to ask questions, and together we’ll discover exactly what your best route forward is.

All for $97! That’s over 30% OFF!


Why So Affordable?

3 Hours of one-on-one consultancy, 5 bonus videos, access to me 24/7, and a Free Ebook, all for under $100? I know, I question my own sanity from time to time. My aim is to always offer Affordable Value, though.

This means over delivering every single time. This month takes it to even greater levels. I’m on cloud 9 and want to share this joy with 3 lucky folk 🙂 How long will these slots be available for? I have no idea. Maybe an hour…a day…a week

I suggest you don’t delay. This course is designed for writers, freelancers, and anyone building a platform. If you’ve read How To Build An Author House, this is the course for you. It takes things to a personal level. Together we will build something that works…FOR YOU!


How Do I Sign Up?

Simply Click Here and read what’s on offer. If it’s for you, great, all you have to is register your interest. If you’re one of the first 3 people, you’re in 🙂

Already sold? Register your interest [acg_lightbox_contact_link linktext=”HERE”]

I’m excited for the coming months, both from a working point of view and a personal one. I’ve had a great deal of fun writing How To Build An Author House and building The 3 Hour Author House Course.

I now pass it over to you. Will you join me?

Any questions or comments, please leave them below…

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