TURNDOG TALKS TO: The Original Moff





Welcome to ‘Turndog Talks To’. Today I interview Simon from The Oringinal Moff, and I’m delighted to meet this brilliant young mind. I hope you will join us and watch either the Video or MP3. If you do, this is what you will learn:

* I ask Simon about how he created the Moff Brand, and what he did before.

* It was a process of evolution which went through a few stages.

* We talk about the design elements of the Moff and how his love for all things creative played a large role in getting things done

* I ask Simon about where he thinks the Brand could go, and how it could become an array of Products.

* He already has ideas for future products. Simon, simply put, is an inventor and innovator.

* We talk about who the Moff is attracting.

* How it is starting life as a consumer Brand, but how alliances with larger organisations is a possibility

* Simon talks about the future, including how he comes up with his ideas.

* He also talks about the next 12 months and the challenges he expects to face.

Please check out the video below (or the MP3) and when you’ve done that, check out Simon’s site, Twitter, etc.





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