22 People Aspiring Authors Should Follow




So you’re an aspiring author? You’re probably beginning to understand how much work is needed.

As well as becoming a better writer, you must also learn how to market your book, publish it, format it, create a cover, edit, edit some more, use social media, and develop something called a platform.

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’m still pretty new to this game, but I’ve been lucky to learn from and connect with some great people. Below you will find a list of 22 people I suggest an aspiring author should follow.

They’ve helped me…can they help you, too?


1: Jeff Goins

First off, Jeff will tell you to stop being an aspiring author and be an actual author. Secondly, follow him and learn a lot about writing and finding your voice.



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2: Joanna Penn

Joanna is a living breeding example of a self published author. Follow her and learn about self publishing and how to create effective marketing.



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3: Dan Blank

Dan is the king of the author platform. He uses a variety of media to great effect and his advice and wisdom is second to none.



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4: Kristen Lamb

Kristen has a way with words. Her lengthy posts will teach you everything from grammar and writing, to a more general view on social media.



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5: Nick Thacker

Nick is another author platform fiend and you will pick up some great book marketing tips. His Blog is rich in top content.



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6: Jane Friedman

Jane is one of the leading minds in publishing if you ask me. Yet her writing doesn’t stops there. She always has a great handle on new media and what’s currently hitting the news.



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7: Porter Anderson

You will largely find Porter on Jane Friedman’s site via his popular ‘writing on the ether’ series. This weekly post is rich with amazing content. It covers everything from self publishing news, exciting new media, and techniques on building an author platform.



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8: Catherine Howard

Follow Catherine and get a great peek into the life of a young self published author. She talks about self publishing, her speaking, and a whole host of other aspects.



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9: Joel Friedlander

The Book Designer by name and The Book Designer by trade. Go here for great tips on book formatting, book covers, and all things font related.



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10: Denise Urena

Denise offers a great insight into the creative mind and will help you see your writing on a grander scale. Be creative and start thinking outside the box.



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11: The Duolit Girls

Book Marketing is their poison and they upload some amazing posts and courses each and every week. They cover a wide range of marketing techniques, and is a must follow for all aspiring authors.



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12: David Gaughran

David is a self published author and showcases a great deal of stats and tips on his own self publishing journey. He’s also very witty and very ‘with it’. A great place to be kept up to date on the publishing industry.



Top Post: Why Is My Book Not Selling?


13: Suzannah Freeman

If you follow Suzanne you will get many tips on how to improve your writing. Her site covers a great deal, but I often stop there to pick up tips on grammar or writing technique.



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14: Therese Walsh

A very feel respected writer and head honcho at Writer Unboxed. If you follow Theresa you will pick up some amazing advice on writing in general.



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15: C.S Lakin

Another productive writer who shares an abundance of writing tips and editing advice. She is also a heavy Twitter user, so expect to learn some Social Media skills.



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16: Orna Ross

Another highly respected writer and the founder of the ‘Alliance of Independent Of Authors’. This is a must for all aspiring authors and will keep you in line with all things publishing. A great resource.



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17: Chuck Sambuchino

A very interesting mind and someone who’s always on top of the traditional publishing scene. Chuck regularly discusses agents and publishers, so expect some up to date advice.



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18: Mignon Fogarty

Aka The Grammar Girl. I suppose her name says it all. If you want to pick up some grammar help, this is the place to start.



Top Post: The Rules Of Story


19: Chris Guillebeau

A writer of non-fiction and an amazing mind. Chris will talk about building a community and how you can truly engage with your readers. A must follow in my opinion.



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20: Sean Platt

Sean writes about a great deal and is often collaborating with others. If you follow Sean, you will soon learn about book marketing as a whole.



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21: Barry Eisler

A very well respected writer and speaker, and someone that will keep you up to date with the publishing world.



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22: Chuck Wendig

A ‘says it as it is’ sort of fella. Chuck Wendig has a great insight into Self Publishing and produces some excellent lists to keep you on track.



Top Post: 25 Bad Writer Behaviours


There you go, 22 amazing people that can help an aspiring author shine. If the above people can’t help, I’m not sure who can. I suggest adding them to your Twitter feed and placing them in your RSS feed.


Can you add to this list? Share you favourites below…

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