Hello and welcome to Turndog Talks To: Today I welcome Ian Schon from The Pen Project, a product I recently came across and fell in love with. I often talk about Brand Stories, and for me, this is killer.

Please watch the video or listen to the MP3, but this is what you can expect:

*Ian introduces himself and talks about his background in engineering

*I ask Ian about The Pen Project and how he came up with his idea

*He talks about being inspired by a friends pen and feeling he could create his own. Through a great deal of trial and error, he came up with The Pen Project

*He talks about the journey, how he used his friends and family as a focus group, and how he watched people use the pen

*I then turn attention to the Kickstarter project, why he chose this route, and how he approached it

*He talks about creating a story and making it something memorable for people. He wanted to make it stand out

*We then talk about the video (which is great), how he used a local filmmaker, and how it took two months to create

*I ask Ian where he plans to go, and how the local market plays a role in his work. He is a strong advocate of local products, local manufacturers, and hiring his friends to fulfill certain parts of the process.

*Ian plans to stay in full time employment for now, but always looking at new opportunities, new projects, and learning new skills


Kickstarter Event (check out the awesome video)



Huge thank you to Ian for partaking in this interview. It was a pleasure to meet him and I hope you will check out his site, video, and if you’re in need of a pen, support his project.

Also, you may notice a new intro to the video, I would love to hear your feedback. Big shout out to my Cincinnatti pal, Stu Mac for the music. His band The Lions Rampant are the sound behind the sound. Check them out 🙂

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