The Mind Behind a Young Entrepreneur





Young Entrepreneurs…the world is full of them.

Great ideas. Great enthusiasm. That special something that not everyone is born with. The mind of a young entrepreneur is amazing, but is it something we can dissect? Is it possible to understand how they do what they do?

Frankly, yes. And not just young entrepreneurs either, but business folk in general.

One of my readers, Fabrizio Farnedi, introduced me to an aptitude test recently. He sent me a link to a new book called Heart, Smarts, Guts & Luck. On the landing page of this book it allows you to take a test. I’ve taken many of these tests in the past, and in my experience they’re all similar.

They do fascinate me, though.


What’s Heart Got To Do With It

Before I tell you which category I fall into, let me first offer an overview of each trait:


Heart Dominated: these individuals are artistic, creative, and full of passion. More often than not, it is the experience they pride over money. They want to change the world.


Luck Dominant: these individuals tend to be humble about their success. They love to learn and improve, but they go through their working life with a certain amount of ease.


Smarts Dominant: these individuals are very intelligent. Whether it’s having great business acumen, being inventive, or having street savvy expertise. They have something other ca only dream of.


Guts Dominant: these individuals are bold risk takers. They have a lot of confidence and take on a project with everything that have. They also have endurance and the means to last until the bitter end.


First of all, I urge you to take the test for yourself. I am usually quite sceptical about such generalisations, but the authors have done their research. It’s quite uncanny, it really is.


Which Mind Am I?

You may be wondering which I am…Heart Dominated.

This is my breakdown:

Heart = 47% (the average Heart Mind stands at 34%)

Luck = 23%

Smarts = 16%

Guts = 14%

Overall, I would say this is about right. Although I have to be gutsy from time to time, it is usually a conscious effort. I also try to be somewhat humble with any success I have, and I certainly appreciate any success has certain fortune to it.

Most of all, I follow my passion. I want to make a difference as well as have money in my back pocket.


What Are You?

It’s now over to you. As young entrepreneurs, we can be anything we want. We’re full of ideas and enthusiasm, and this test shows that it isn’t only the risk taker that succeeds.

This article offers a few well known examples of each type. It shows how the world is full of people doing things on their own terms. Are you making your own journey?

I’m not saying you should take too much from these realists. You make your own rules, but such a test can provide clarity. Understanding who you are and what you have to offer is a large part in becoming a successful young entrepreneur.

For the sake of 3 minutes…


Huge thanks to Fabrizio for sharing this with me. If you ever have anything you would like to share, please send me an email. I find inspiration every day from numerous sources. That includes YOU 🙂

Ok, so take the test and share you results HERE

What ape of young entrepreneur are you?

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