10 Apps Every Young Entrepreneur Should Own





If you’re a young entrepreneur you will more than likely own a smartphone. It might be an iPhone or a Samsung something-or-other, but you will more than likely own one that’s far more intelligent than a human being can ever be.

The problem isn’t the phone, though, it’s the gigantic list of apps within it. What is a young entrepreneur like yourself supposed to do? Which ones are needed?

Don’t worry, I come bearing a list that I personally find helpful. They may or may not save your life, but these are 10 Apps that I would struggle to live without.



I’m not sure how I lived my life before Evernote. This simple note taking app can be as in-depth as you like. Whether you use it to make the odd to-do-list or house your entire business plan within it, the functions are excellent.

I strongly suggest you try it for yourself. A great App that can make your day to day life much easier.



Twitter is a channel used by many. Not everyone will love the platform, but few can deny its potential. To have it on your phone is a Godsend, but with countless apps available, which should you go for?

I’ve tried several 3rd party apps, but I always come back to the official Twitter App. Whyit does everything you need it do. It prevents you from getting lazy and linking with other accounts (Facebook & Linkedin), and in my opinion, keeps you Twitter focussed.

A must have on any phone (if you use Twitter of course)



Again, this is a must have platform for any young entrepreneur. Linkedin is great for networking, searching, and selling. It’s the business persons social media of choice, and it makes sense to have it with you 24/7.

The official app is great, too. Very functional and extremely stylish. There’s no need to consider any 3rd party app when the real deal is this good.


MiniBooks lite

If you’re a Freshbooks user, this free app is a must. It allows you to keep your accounts up to date, whether it’s expenses, creating an invoice, or sending details to your accountant.

It should be noted this only links with Freshbooks. If you don’t use Freshbooks, I suggest you consider doing so. A fantastic service for any up and coming young entrepreneur.



As a young entrepreneur you will no doubt have to travel. Whether it’s a short trek to impress a client, an overseas conference, or a trip to research a new market, this app can help massively.

Flights, car rentals, hotelsthey are all covered in this simple app. If you have any business travel coming up, you would be crazy to not download.


Share Price

As a young entrepreneur you are more than likely interested in the financial world around you. Whether you’re an active dealer of shares, or you simply want to keep unto date with a competitor or industry, this free app saves a lot of time.

Create portfolios, set alerts, and join conversations. Having an app like this in your phone makes a whole lot of sense.



The world is small these days. You may live in England, but that doesn’t mean you only deal in pounds and pence. You may buy from abroad, sell to customers in a different continent, or have to plan a last minute business trip.

This app allows you to check what the current rates are. Don’t get left behind or guess your way to an answer. 30 seconds with this app does wonders.


Card Munch

I love this app. It’s a great addition to the Linkedin portfolio and allows you to bring a 20th century aspect into the fast paced world we currently live in.

Simply scan the physical business card and it fils in the information for you. Technology is smart these days and this app showcases it in style. It links everything to your phone and pretty soon that box you keep all those random business cards in will become obsolete. Great app!



It’s great to have files on your laptop, but sometimes you need a backup. Or maybe you need to collaborate with other colleagues. Or maybe you just want to update files between your phone and tablet.

There are many ways you can do this, but for me, Dropbox is still the king. I’ve tried a few other services but none match the simple awesomeness of this app. It should be in every phone. Fact! 🙂



I’m an avid reader and I buy almost all of my books from Amazon. My rule is to buy all business related books in Ebook format. Why? So I have access at all times.

You never know when you need some inspiration, need access to that quote, or need to point someone to an amazing chapter. The Kindle App will sync automatically to your kindle, iPad, smartphone and laptop.

Read a chapter on your phone, another on your laptop, and a third on your tablet. A Young Entrepreneur should be keeping a close eye on the business books around them. This app helps.



10 Apps that a young entrepreneur should download today. Of course, there are many many more, and I hope you will share them below.

What’s your favourite app?

What can you simply not live without?

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