Should Writers Read Book Review Sites





I don’t read review sites, but this week I asked myself why.

Guess what…I didn’t have an answer. I looked back at myself in the mirror and shrugged my shoulders. True story.

This week I began searching for book review sites. I wanted to connect with reviewers that might read my debut novel, Beyond Parallel. I searched Google and followed every lead I could. Before long I had a list of over 100 sites and began contacting them.

In the following weeks I will share more about this. I will:

  • Share a list of my favourite book review sites
  • How to connect with them
  • What benefits they can bring

Right now I want to focus on one thing. I want to share my love and appreciation and why I feel they are awesome!


Book Review Sites Are Awesome

Seriously, what a great service they provide. Every single one I came across said, “I do not accept money for my reviews.”

This means they read hundreds of books all for the love of reading. Don’t get me wrong, not all of them will accept self-published books, and not all have responded to my email (yet). But they read and share their thoughts.

They don’t have to do this

It would be easier for them not to

But by doing so they add clarity. We could read a million books, but we don’t. We wait until a friend recommends one, or a trusted reviewer, or some kind of authority figure we can’t say no to.

This leaves self-published authors with little chance

How are we supposed to compete against this. How are we going to appear in The Times? These book review sites offer us an opportunity. We still have to create something great, but if we do, they offer a helping hand.

They’re saying, “you create a great book and I will share it with people.”


Book Review Sites For Writers

I’m assuming you read. As a writer, you have to. To refuse to do so would be like a professional football player refusing to run or lift weights. To read is to learn. It’s a way of expanding our mind and becoming better at what we do.

This means we face the same issues as the readers of our own book. We have a set amount of time and a million books to choose from. But we don’t simply read for reading’s sake. We do so to expand our mind and learn.

We try a variety of genres

We take chances on new writers

We read books of all types

It’s part of the job. It’s part of the process of being a writer.

For the last eight months or so I’ve been part of a book club on Goodreads. As such I take part in monthly book challenges. The result has been reading books I would never otherwise do. It’s been amazing.

So why the hell don’t I read book review sites? Surely this provides exactly the same result.


Why I Now Read Book Review Sites

I’ve recently come across some great book review sites and I know I will continue to do so. In the coming weeks I will share these with you. I will also share my top tips in connecting with them.

For now, I simply want to encourage you to find a few for yourself. 

Whether you’re a writer or a reader, support these amazing sites. They’re a Godsend to writers like myself. If self-publishing has helped the publishing industry evolve, it is these book review sites that have made it possible. I wish to thank you Mr & Mrs Book Review Site

Thanks for replying to me

Thanks for taking a chance

Thanks for introducing me to new books

Should a writer read book review sites? Yes, yes they should. They should do so to support these amazing folk, but to also come across new books. It would be easy to only read the big time authors, but if we can’t support a variety of writers, who will?

Do you follow any book review sites?

Have you got a favourite you would like to share?

Please do so below…

Turndog Millionaire – @turndog_million

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