What’s The Story Behind The Story?




You spend hour after hour creating your novel. You craft it from nothing and keep pressing until it takes on a life of its own. It takes a long time, a great deal of effort, and you probably shed a tear or two.

Your story behind the story is a great one. It’s full of mistakes and lessons learned. You have so much to share with the world…to fellow writers and readers. But will you? Will you share your story?

I intend to. Not in a boring, look at my writing sort of way. Rather in a manner that will share my experiences, and hopefully, immerse you even more into my debut novel, Beyond Parallel.

I’m working with my editor to make it the best it can be, and also creating my plan of action. As a Strategic Marketer, my Book Plan is rather intense.

It’s detailed

It goes beyond the norm

It will probably be longer than my novel

But it allows me to tell my story behind the story. It allows me to share what I’ve learned, what I plan to achieve, and how you can do it, too.


The Story Behind The Story

In the coming months you will learn numerous things about me. I will share my:

  • Book Launch Ideas
  • My Writing Process
  • Promotion Ideas
  • Book Ideas
  • Anything & Everything
There’s a story behind the story, and I intend to share it with you. I hope it will help. I hope it will inspire. I hope, at very least, it will be interesting to read.


But what about you? Do you share the story behind the story?


You do things differently to other people. Your way is unique. Even if you find yourself doing something that most people do, you will do it slightly different. You will learn your own lessons. You will make your own mistakes.


You have your own story to share.


How You Can Craft It

As I say, I will share a great deal of my own journey in the coming months. There is a way you can help and be part of it. By signing up to the Beyond Parallel List or Liking my Facebook Page, you will be part of the whole process.


I will ask for your input


I wil ask you to share


My aim is to create a place for people to collaborate. To share ideas that can help one another. We aren’t competitors, but collaborators.


Will you join me? Will you be part of the story behind the story?


This isn’t about my story, though, it’s about yours. You can do this, too. You can craft your own journey. You can share your own story. You can offer your own tips, your own mistakes, and your own way forward.


It’s all rather simple really


All you have to do is document everything you do.


Share Your World

Where do you sit down and write?


Where did you learn your craft?


What do you read, and what do you do keep  moving forward?


You may think all this is unimportant, but this is your journey. If you craft a story behind the story, it will involve your reader further. They will learn more about who you are, how you came up with the novel they just read, and how they can do something similar.


Not every reader will care, but I believe many will. It will also bring you closer to fellow writers, which in the long term is very important.


I honestly believe, by sharing the story behind the story, it will help me establish my place in the world. It will lead to opportunities and choices, and i also believe it can help you, too.


Your story is different to mine. It is different to any other. It is YOURS!


Document everything, craft a narrative, and share it with the world.


I hope you will join my own story. I also hope you will join me on Facebook and be part of the entire process. Finally, I hope you will share your questions and thoughts below.


Will you share your story behind the story?


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