5 Items A Nomad Entrepreneur Needs





I don’t have an office!

The world is my desk!

Sure…I work from home, but I try and escape as often as I can. I work in libraries, coffee shops, trains, parks, and anywhere that will have me. I write, edit, think, and create.

I make phone calls, Skype calls, emails and letters.

My meetings aren’t in a boardroom, they’re in a small shop that serves sweet ass coffee

I am a nomad entrepreneur


The World Is My Oyster…It Can Be Yours, Too

Not everyone can be a nomad entrepreneur, but these days, many can. Whether it’s down to money, creativity, practicality, or freedom, you can be an entrepreneur that roams the streets in search of wifi.

Whatever your reasons for being nomad, you must take it seriously. You have work to do. If you’re not careful you will soon spend your days exploring instead of working.

To help, I will now share 5 items I cannot live without. I’ve left off some obvious items like a laptop and smartphone. These are a given in the modern world.


1: Umbrella

I live in the North of England. It is wet and windy, and the weather can be unpredictable. II also leave the house early and come back late.

If I left my umbrella every time the sun was shining at 9am, I’d be very wet very often. 

This won’t apply to everyone (you son of a guns who live somewhere sunny), but it will for many. The trick is buying a good Umbrella, and for me, the search stops at Fulton.

I was apprehensive about spending so much on an umbrella. I assumed it would last one winter. However, I wanted to look like Leo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road so decided to splash the cash. The umbrella is about to enter its fourth winter. Quite remarkable!


2: Two Bags

You might think one high quality bag is enough, but you would be wrong. The nomad entrepreneur needs variety, if for anything else, to keep you sane.

I suggest two types: 1) a sturdy backpack 2) a satchel

First of all, both have to be able to carry your laptop and other major gadgets. But it also needs other purposes. If you have that important meeting, sometimes a backpack can leave a bad first impression.

If you will be walking around a new city all day, a sachet may break your back.

Trust me, you need two bags.


3: A Kick Ass Notebook

Pen and paper is a dying breed. Who needs them when you have an iPhone?

You…that’s who.

Always make sure you have a pen and notebook on you. Sometimes you need to write a note, other times you might run out of business cards, and sometimes you will have to capture a moment of inspiration…

This is my personal notebook of choice. It’s small, sturdy and kick ass awesome


4: Charger

More specifically, your phone charger. You would be amazed at just how much we rely on our phone. When the battery goes dead so does out heart. It’s quite sad actually.

I have a charger that sits in both of my bags. They never leave it. 

This way I know I always have one with me, and guess what, it has saved me on several occasions.

It also leaves a great first impression if you can help out a fellow entrepreneur who isn’t as organised as you 😉


5: Elevation

I bet you’re thinking ‘??!&*??@$%^’ right about now

Elevation for your laptop, that’s what I mean. This great machine is used daily, and it’s often opened up in a hot coffee shop environment. If you’re not careful the fan on your laptop can be on all of the time. This is a quick way to kill it prematurely. 

The solution is to elevate it. You can buy a specific fan or stand, but I take a more DIY approach. I bought a bag of doorstops on Ebay and have a few in each bag.

As well as elevating your laptop, it makes typing much easier on the wrists

And there you have it. 5 items that will save your travelling life. 

Whether you work just down the road or you’re planning a trip to another continent, these 5 objects can save your life.

What about you? What items can’t you live without?

Share your favourites below…

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