33 Rock Star Writers On Twitter




When I began my Author Platform, my first stop was to venture onto Twitter.

Simply put, it offered me the best platform to find, share, and interact.

In the last 8 months I’ve come across, and connected with, some amazing writers, editors, designers, and publishers. The following list includes some of my favourite writers on Twitter.

These people all share something in common. They rock it out. They engage, share, and produce great content.

So here you go folks, my rock star list of writers on Twitter:


1: Neil Gaiman


A true rock star writer on Twitter. He engages so much it’s crazy.


2: Kristen Lamb


Kristen is a great engager and shares amazing posts.


3: Grub Street


The guys and gals at Grub are always sharing great content. Love it


4: Susan Gotfried


My editor – I had to add her , didn’t I 🙂 – and is always sharing and engaging.


5: Nathan Bransford


Former publisher/editor, and now author and social media expert. Top Tweets


6: Rachelle Gardner


An Agent, but certainly a person to follow online. Should be on all writers lists


7: BubbleCow


Editing service that use Twitter in the correct manner. Love these guys


8: Joanna Penn


Joanna is someone all indie authors should follow. Always going to make the list


9: Jane Freidman


An early adopter of Twitter and a great person to follow. Great shares, great engagement…yes please!


10: Sean Platt


One of the best writers on Twitter for sure. Always sharing amazing content and tips.


11: Jeff Goins

@Jeff Goins 

Let’s just leave it at, FOLLOW HIM.


12: Chuck Wendig


If for nothing else because he’s hilarious. Warning, you may get cussed at 🙂


13: JA Konrath


A been there and done it success story. Certainly worth following


14: Orna Ross


Very interesting writer and head honcho at the Indie Author Alliance.


15: Therese Walsh

@Therese Walsh

Co-Founder of Writer Unboxed and always sharing great posts


16: Joel Friedlander


Great Twitter user. Always interacting with people and sharing wise words


17: Porter Anderson


One of my favourite people to follow on Twitter, for sure


18: David Gaughran


Very interesting man and will keep your mind ticking along. Must follow!


19: Jason Boog


Editor at Galley Cat and always sharing great stories.


20: Teresa Lo


Great at interacting and always sharing. Interesting person to follow


21: Johnny B Truant


Funny guy to follow and always sharing some cool ass stuff. Good podcaster, too


22: Anthony Pensabene


Interesting guy, great at engaging, and always shares top stories with me


23: Susanne Lakin


Big on Twitter. Lots of articles and shares. Worth keeping an eye on


24: Dulolit


These girls are always chatting and sharing great content. A must follow in my opinion


25: Dan Blank


Dan is a top Twitter writer. Certainly worth following and being kept up to date


26: Krissy Brady


Always sharing and interacting with others. Nearly tweets as much as me 🙂


27: Rebecca Skloot


NY Times Bestseller and Twitter fiend. Love what she’s doing


28: Ali Luke


Interesting writer and coach who uses Twitter to great effect


29: Catherine Ryan Howard


It’s safe to say she’s Twitter addict 🙂


30: Tania Dakka


Great at engaging and sharing. You will pick up a trick or two, that’s for sure


31: Elizabeth Craig


Writer who’s always sharing great links and tips


32: Debbie Ohi


Quirky writer who uses Twitter in a great way.


33: Turndog Millionaire (ME)


Couldn’t leave me off the list now, could I? 🙂


There you go folks…33 writers on Twitter you should follow

I have a list that I’ve created, and constantly updating, and you can subscribe to it HERE

As I say, I’m always adding to this list so subscribe now and be kept up to date with the writers I discover in the future.

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