The Turndog Tales: 02/09/2012 – 07/09/2012





Ah Friday, how we love thee. If not for the fact that you bring the weekend, then for the tales you shareor more specifically, The Turndog Tales.

I come bearing stories from the last seven days and I hope they inspire you like they have me. Let’s do this thing!


The Importance Of Maturity

I’m a big fan of Kristen Lamb’s blog. She’s a great storyteller, but it’s how she shares her own tales that connects with me. This post is about maturity, and how it’s often the difference between an amateur and professional.

It comes down to experience. Knowing when to give up and when to keep going. Hold that dream in high esteem and read this post. You’ll feel all fuzzy inside because of it!

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As someone planning a few launches, this was a great post to read. Jonathan Mead provides a whole host of tips for those preparing to launch a book, product, or course.

It’s a great check list and helps you stay on track. I know I overlooked certain items on this list, so I seriously suggest you take a look. You can thank me later 🙂

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Be A Smart Writer

We all have our own way of writing. We also have our own reasons, and no one should tell you what these should and shouldn’t be. However, we all lose our way, too. Sometimes it helps to read articles like this, and if anything, it re-focusses your desire to what you do.

Joe Bunting has produced a post you should save for later. If it doesn’t help now, it might in a week…a month…a year…

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A Hilarious Letter

Katy McKenna, this week you made me laugh in the morning. This is rare!

I’ve never pitched to agents or publishers (I quickly decided self-publishing was for me), but I can imagine how some people approach the whole process in a somewhat…hmmm…interesting way. This mock letter is funny and provides a good look at what you SHOULD NOT do.

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Scrivener…You Beauty

I use Scrivener and I love it. However, I’ve yet to publish anything with it, and although I hear formatting and publishing is made easy, I’m still a little apprehensive about it. That was until this post by Nick Thacker.

It’s a great step by step guide, and if you use Scrivener you’d be crazy to not save this post for later.

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The ‘Bloody Hell, Really’ Post

This post by Richard Curtis is quite a positive one. It’s an apology from an author done wrong. However, it’s sad how this remains an issue.

Sue Grafton basically says self-publishers are lazy (she has since apologised) and I find it sad that the traditional and self-published world remain at war. Books are books. Writers are writers. 

A Big Six Publisher doesn’t make a good writer, the person who holds the pen does. 

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And once again we come to the end. Thanks for joining me for this week’s edition of the Turndog Tales. I hope you’ve found some interesting reads 🙂

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