14 Young Entrepreneurs To Follow Today





I’ve been pretty darn lucky to come across some great young entrepreneurs in recent months. There are some truly incredible young minds out there. It’s inspiring and I would like to share some people I think you should be following…RIGHT NOW.

I’ve met some of these people. Others I’ve never spoken to.

Some are a big deal already, and others are still to make their mark.

What they all share is a great mind. They’re inventive and exciting, and people you should be keeping a very close eye on. Let’s do this!


1: Arnold Du Toit

I’ve known Arnold for a couple of years now and he really is a top lad. He has that entrepreneurial aura about him, and this summer has seen his idea take off. The Rolley Golf, and the tech behind it, is exciting. Check it out.

Website: http://www.rolleygolf.com/

Twitter: @arnolddutoit


2: Leo Widrich

The mind behind Buffer, which I seriously love, and a nice guy to boot. I think we’ll see Buffer continue to do great things and I feel Leo will be someone to watch. Do it today and get in there before everyone else.

Website: http://blog.bufferapp.com/

Twitter: @leowid


3: Jacob Hill

I’ve been lucky to meet Jacob a few times and it amazes me how young he is. He has a great head on his shoulders and a great knack of meeting people. Expect to see good things from him and his product, The Lazy Camper.

Website: http://thelazycamper.co.uk/

Twitter: @thelazyjacob


4: Samuel Kasumu

A young man who’s achieved more at 25 than most will do in a lifetime. He’s set up organisations, started a political career, and connected with some amazing minds. A great story and one to watch carefully.

Website: http://www.samuelkasumu.co.uk/

Twitter: @samuelkasumu


5: Nick D’Aloisio

I have socks older than this kid, but he has already achieved so much. An App Developer, but becoming so much more. Very raw with much to learn, but you’d be mad not to follow.

Twitter: @nickdaloiso


6: Carly Ward

A young entrepreneur who aims to help young entrepreneurs. What’s not to like? Carly Ward has some great things going on at the moment. Expect to see a lot more in the coming years.

Website: http://www.youngentrepreneursociety.org.uk/

Twitter: @carlyyes


7: Jeff LeBlanc

If you haven’t seen Out of Print, I suggest you do. It’s an awesome company and this is the man behind it. Anyone who can turn books into this awesome collection is a man worth following 🙂

Website: http://outofprintclothing.com/mission/

Twitter: @outofprinttees


8: Nick Thacker

A man to my own heart, Nick is both a writer and entrepreneur. He’s seen some solid growth in recent years but I expect to see a great deal more.

Website: http://www.livehacked.com/

Twitter: @nickthacker


9: Lucian Tarnowski

This young guy seems to have exciting times ahead. Brave New Talent is a way for people to learn and connect. This is the sort of website we’ll see more of in the future. This could go onto great things.

Website: http://www.bravenewtalent.com/

Twitter: @luciant


10: Pete Cashmore

The founder of Mashable is to be watched. For one, Mashable is always at the forefront of awesome news. Secondly, I would image Pete has a few exciting projects in the fire. I’m personally excited to see how his story plays out

Website: http://mashable.com/

Twitter: @petecashmore


11: Matt Mullenwegg

Mr WordPress himself. Like Pete Cahsmore, I expect to see more from this fella in the coming years. WordPress is HUGE, but what will happen next? I can’t imagine he will sit on his laurels. Should be very interesting indeed.

Website: http://ma.tt/

Twitter: @photomatt


12: Michael Korn

The winner of the 2012 Shell LiveWire Award and owner of Kwickscreen. When someone wins an award like this, it makes sense to follow their progress. I’m personally keen to see where he goes.

Website: http://www.kwickscreen.com/

Twitter: @kwickscreen


13: Jonathan Mead

Mr Mead is doing great things at Paid To Exist. He’s a very inspiring writer and I’m sure he has some excellent ideas up his sleeves. He’s doing well, but I expect him to explode in the not too distant future.

Website: http://paidtoexist.com/about/

Twitter: @jonathanmead


14: Amber Rae

Miss Rae has a few golden ideas planned. She’s already worked with the likes of Seth Godin, and is building events for young minds to connect and grow. I’m excited about what she’s doing and look forward to see how her story progresses.

Website: http://heyamberrae.com/

Twitter: @heyamberrae

There you go folks, 14 Young Entrepreneurs to follow TODAY!

How many are you already following, and who have I missed off the list?

As I said at the beginning of this post, these young minds are inspiring and I can’t wait to follow their stories.

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